Trapezius Exercises

The Ultimate Trapezius Workout

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Trapezius exercises are often relegated to the background and sometimes even completely excluded from the. Netflix

Press behind the neck.

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Rowing around the neck.

The Ultimate Trapezius Workout

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What you should know about trapeze training?

In today’s article we will talk about the best exercises for trapezius. Read on to find out how to get it. The trapezius is located in the back of our back, specifically in the upper area. Its function is to help the elevation of the shoulder as well as the scapular approach towards the spine. For this reason, we must take care of it and work. Exercises for upper trapezius The upper part of the trapezius is the one that is in charge of the movements of the upper back area as well as those of the neck.

For this reason, we will now explain the best exercises for you to work your upper trapezius. To do it, we must stand with our legs slightly apart while holding the dumbbells with our hands. The arms should be close to our body in a relaxed position. Perform sets of 12 reps. The effectiveness of this type of exercise lies in the quality of the movements performed, to ensure good muscle work.

We will have to hold it a little above our knees, forcing at this moment that our back is slightly curved. Perform 6 reps. Exercises for lower trapezius The lower trapezius tends to be the great forgotten in terms of exercises for our dorsal area, as well as an imbalance between it and the upper trapezius look at these exercises for dorsal.

This tends to lead to impingement. Scapular pull-ups This is an exercise to strengthen the back and therefore focused on the work of the lower trapezius. Related Article: Hypopressive abdominals To perform this exercise we must have a pull-up bar. We will position ourselves in front of it and place our hands facing forward in a pronated position, not towards us. From here we will leave our feet in the air, holding on by the strength of our arms and back.

The exercise consists of raising and lowering our body in suspension. Therefore, if we consider that we may not be able to do it, it is a better option not to do it or to look for an option adapted to us rather than harm our body. Perform sets of 10 reps. Dumbbell Trapezius Exercise Dumbbell exercises are great for building big trapezius and gaining muscle mass.

We must hold it above our knees, at the height of the length of our arms. We will slightly bend our knees and arch our back until it is positioned almost parallel to the ground. The exercise consists of bending the elbows to raise the bar to our chest and then return to the starting position. To carry out the exercise we must use a bench with a backrest that is inclined at about 45 degrees and some dumbbells. We will sit face down on the bench with the chest against it, thus causing the arms to hang down.

In each hand we will hold a dumbbell. From here we will perform a shrug movement caused by the work and movement of the trapezius. It should be highlighted the fact that when sitting on a bench we have greater comfort to perform the exercise with weights, since we will simply focus on the work of our trapezoids.

We have already seen a lot of exercises for you to build muscles and show off strong and toned trapezius. If you want to have a toned back and be envied by all your friends.