Trapezius Exercises

Trapezius: Anatomy And Exercises To Strengthen And Stretch

shoulder shrugs.

Posterior elevations in contracting machine.

front raises.

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Press behind the neck.

Trapezius: Anatomy and Exercises to Strengthen and Stretch – Step To Health

Rowing around the neck.

What you should know about trapeze training?

Written and verified by sports journalist Yamila Papa Pintor. In the following article we will tell you about their anatomy, as well as how to strengthen and stretch them. The trapezius inserts on the nape, on the external occipital protuberance, on the posterior cervical ligament, on the seventh cervical and on all the corresponding ligaments.

However, there are also special routines to strengthen this area. We recommend that you perform a routine of between 10 and 12 repetitions per exercise: 1. Dumbbell shrug Serves to increase muscle mass and strengthen the trapezius. To perform it, stand up and spread your legs shoulder-width apart. Take a dumbbell in each hand, arms are at the sides of the body.

Finally, raise your shoulders as if you wanted to touch your ears with them. Arm circle This exercise is perfect for both the trapezius and the forearms and shoulders. Once ready, make circular movements with your shoulders, clockwise.

After 30 seconds, do them in reverse. Standing, take the bar with both arms stretched out in front of the chest and the fists facing forward. Then, raise it while bending your elbows and pointing them to the sides. The goal is for the fists to be on the sides of the chin and for the bar to touch the tip of the chin. Hold for a few seconds before returning to the starting position. Superman Used to strengthen the lower back and traps. Stretch your legs and bring your arms above your head, well extended.

Now take your arms and legs off the ground; the idea is that the ribs, hips and thighs are supported. The rest of the body, in the air and the head always pointing down, to avoid contractures.

Hold 20 seconds and rest. To perform the work, raise the bar by stretching your arms above your head. Support a few seconds and return to the starting position. The good news is that there are certain exercises that allow us to stretch the area and reduce pain: 1.

Rest on the nape and exert some downward pressure. Image: homemania. It’s simple: first, reach your right hand over your head and rest it on your left temple. Apply slight pressure to the right side and hold for a few seconds; do the same on the other side.

Therefore, it is essential to strengthen and stretch them not only when they hurt, but also preventively. you might be interested