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Was it for the fans? Travis Scott Shares Why He Deleted The Batman Photo

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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott welcomed their daughter named Stormi on February 1. After all the months that Kylie kept her secret.

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Entertainment. Rumors, compromising photos and ex-boyfriends: the "third parties" involved in the breakup of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott.

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RosalĂ­a publishes one with Travis Scott in unleashing the madness of her fans before a more than likely collaboration.

Was it for the fans? Travis Scott shares why he deleted the photo of Batman

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are the cover of the month of August for GQ magazine. It is the first time that the couple has appeared in this way in public, and no.

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While some pointed out that the couple does not coincide in their way of conceiving the family, others have assured the existence of third parties who could interfere in the love between the stars and from which little Stormi, 20 months old, emerged. And that was the cause of the family taking a vacation together.

Breakups are also common in this romance. But after several speculations, the separation was confirmed. Among the drama due to the breakup, some names of people emerged who could be linked to the couple and even be the third parties in discord, such as: Rojean Kar, a 27-year-old girl; as well as the famous Jaden Smith and Tyga.

According to the Daily Mail, this young woman has been in a constant relationship with the rapper for some time and even attended her birthday party organized by Kylie Jenner herself. Even the model has used her social networks to make fun of Kylie Jenner and even give clues that she is next to Scott. A clear example of this was when Kar uploaded a photo of herself holding a giant teddy bear with a man she believed to be Scott. Witnesses claimed that the two girls left through the same door that the rapper used to leave the place, around Pacific time, while Jenner left through a different door.

Fans of the couple also noticed certain aspects of Jenner’s stories, such as a photo of the couple disappearing from its usual spot. The little girl was born on February 1.

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