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Turquoise, navy, electric blue or king, are some of the tones that are most popular. Then delight yourself with.

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Large number of photos of nails decorated in turquoise blue. The possibility of finding the teacher in any city and registering. Nails decorated in.

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When I was little, 2 different shades were not even used at the same time, and now the range of possibilities is endless. A sweet tone perfect for any season of the year, although if you allow me the advice, it is ideal for spring. Electric blue is a trending color and looks great on nails. And by the way, it’s a perfect color for pedicure.

A tone that we want to wear in summer when we are tanned because it highlights the hands and because it is a refreshing and summery tone. Perfect if you like blue but you don’t see yourself with such dark hands, and especially to wear to work without attracting too much attention. It is also a perfect color if your obligations do not allow you to wear a manicure that can be seen from afar, and because if a nail is chipped, it is not appreciated as much as with a very dark manicure.

I imagine that resemblance to tropical seas, to the sky when it plays with clouds, that color that reminds us of babies, childhood… I don’t know, it has something special, and it looks so good on nails that it makes you want to do some nails. permanent in turquoise but for life. And considering the pace of life we ​​lead, it is one of the best things you can do to save time.

In this way you can play to wear a different nail, or make the flower on the blue base and paint the rest of another color. The point is to put imagination into things and if this fails you, here are some ideas for you to get ideas and get inspired. If you also want to see ideas for a French manicure or to paint your nails red, don’t miss this article.

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