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The Twilight Saga Welcomes Renesmee, Half Human, Half Vampire

Vampires, also known as "The immortals", "The Children of the Night" Y "the cold ones" (in Quileute legends), are the fabulous supernatural creatures.

1 Vampires-gusiluz. Since when can a vampire shine in the sunlight? Writer Stephenie Meyer wanted to do something original and innovative.

Bella Swan goes to live with her father in the small town of Forks, where she meets Edward, an attractive and mysterious boy with whom she falls in love and who hides a great secret: he is a vampire. But the boy’s family has a peculiarity, and that is that.

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E Edward Cullen Eleazar Emmett Cullen.

The Twilight saga welcomes Renesmee, half human and half vampire | CNN

Upon becoming a vampire, Edward’s senses are heightened and he develops new abilities, being able to read the minds of those around him, a gift.

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From Carlisle to Bella, the history of the Cullen family spans time periods and countries. A human becomes a vampire when another vampire sucks their blood but doesn’t kill them. The Cullen family, or Olympian coven as they’re known, are "reformed" vampires and "vegetarians" who choose to feed only on animals rather than humans. Carlisle Cullen, the patriarch of the family, uses his medical knowledge to save lives and only turns humans into vampires when they would otherwise die.

This was the case for the four vampires he turned: Edward, Esme, Rosalie, and Emmett. The other two members of the Cullen clan, Alice and Jasper, joined the family after they had already become vampires. Carlisle Cullen Carlisle is the eldest of the Cullen family, he was born in London, and his mother died giving birth to him. His father was an Anglican minister who led a group that tracked down and killed people they thought were witches, werewolves, and vampires to eradicate "evil" from their community.

When his father was too old to continue these raids, Carlisle took over, though he never agreed to them to begin with. Carlisle discovered a group of real vampires living in the sewers of London and led an attack on them, but was bitten and left for dead. Carlisle hid for three days while his body was transformed into a vampire. Once he understood what he had become, he tried every way he could to kill himself, but his body was invincible.

All three Masens contracted the Spanish flu in the , and the father died first. On her deathbed, Elizabeth begged Carlisle, who was their treating doctor, to do everything he could to save her beloved son. While Edward himself was dying, Carlisle took him out of the hospital and took him home, where he turned Edward into a vampire and became a father figure to him.

Edward later became very wealthy after inheriting the Masen family fortune and amassing wealth throughout his long life, much like the other Cullens. Esme Cullen Esme was born on a farm in Columbus, Ohio. When she was 16, she was treated for a broken leg by none other than Dr.

In , she gave birth to the boy, but died just two days later. Devastated, Esme attempted suicide by jumping off a cliff. He recognized her as the girl he had met years before and decided to save her life by turning her into a vampire. She was born in Rochester, New York to a wealthy family and was incredibly beautiful. At the age of 18, she became engaged to the son of a bank owner whom she did not love.

One night in , shortly before their wedding, Rosalie found her fiancée completely drunk with a group of friends who gang-raped and beat her up. Carlisle found her nearly dead and took her away, where he turned her into a vampire and welcomed her into his family.

As an immortal being, the first thing he did was murder all of his abusers, including his ex-fiancée, before settling down to become one of the Cullens. Emmett Cullen Emmett was born in Gatlinburg, Tennessee into a large family and worked on the nearby railroad.

He was a rambunctious teenager who loved adventure and hunting. In , he was in the mountains and was attacked by a black bear. She wanted to save him because she thought he looked innocent, young, and beautiful, but she didn’t trust herself to change him without killing him. From an early age, she had premonitions that led many in the town to believe she was a witch.

After her mother was murdered and her father remarried, Alice ran away to a nearby town. There, her father sent her to an insane asylum where she befriended an unnamed vampire doctor. He then met Jasper and they later joined the Cullen family in Jasper Hale Jasper was a young older man in the Confederate Army in Texas who was turned into a vampire by Maria, another vampire, who wanted to use him to lead an army of young vampires she was creating to fight in the Southern Vampire Wars.

Jasper worked with her until when she ran off north with another vampire friend of hers named Peter. He met Alice at a restaurant in and joined the Cullen family along with her soon after. He was born in and moved to Forks to live with his father when he was 17, in the first book and movie. In the fourth book in the series, Breaking Dawn, and the fourth movie, Breaking Dawn — Part 1, Bella becomes a vampire after marrying Edward. Although Bella told Jacob that becoming a vampire wasn’t originally the plan, Edward seems to have expected it all along.

He transforms Belle by injecting her heart with his poison after it stops beating following the birth of her daughter, Renesmee.