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Makeup Brushes: Which Are The Best Of 2022?

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that brushes with a diagonal cut are better. concealer brush. You can identify this type of brush because they are medium sized, with a flat tip.

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Makeup brushes: these are the types of brushes you should have Cat’s tongue foundation brush Concealer brush Kabuki.

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Types of brushes Flat brush. This model is specifically designed to be used on wide and thick surfaces, where it is.

Makeup brushes: Which are the best of the ?

For a natural look, get wide brushes that unify and distribute Adapts to all types of textures thanks to the quality of its bristles.

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As each of the brushes has quite precise objectives and functions, we will give you a guide so that you know their differences and you can make the best use of them. However, the advancement of technology applied to cosmetics has made it possible to manufacture cheap synthetic brushes of very good quality and really similar to those with natural bristles.

Here are the different types and functions: Flat Cut Brushes: These brushes are typically used to apply powder and foundation all over the face. The advantage of this design is that, as it picks up a good amount of product and releases it evenly, it achieves an even and natural finish.

They are mainly used for the apples of the cheeks. Pointed brushes: used to apply concealers or contours. They catch little product so you can place it exactly and precisely. Beveled cut brushes: it is a diagonal cut that adapts to the areas of our face that are not flat.

They are usually used on the cheekbones or the lower part of the eyebrows. Fan-shaped brushes: less common than the previous ones, these brushes are used to apply products lightly and in small amounts. It may interest you: Makeup trends: keys of the season By size The size of the brushes is essential to achieve concrete results with the application of makeup.

The black hairs on the sides are usually artificial, while the white ones in the center correspond to natural bristles. Its main use is the application of powders to illuminate some areas of the face. They also come in handy for putting on compact or loose blush or bronzing powder. Cat’s tongue brush: it is the appearance of this brush that gives it this peculiar name. They are flat, long and with a round tip. To achieve the best result and the greatest precision, it is important to have this type of brush.

Angled Brush: The characteristic slanted cut of angled brushes is ideal for applying blended shadows and highlights. Eyebrow brush: although many times we do not take them into account, eyebrows are essential when it comes to beautifying ourselves and giving personality to our face. Brow brushes usually have a gap painting brush on one side and a combing brush on the other.

Lip brushes Although many lip products come with an applicator, there are also brushes to make up the mouth. They usually have a flat, rounded tip and their bristles are synthetic. You can continue reading:.