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In Spanish, the mastiff is defined as a large, stocky dog ​​with a round head, small and drooping ears, burning eyes, a slanted mouth, strong teeth, a short and thick neck, a wide and robust chest, strong and sinewy hands and feet, and thick hair.

Despite its huge and vigorous body, the true strength of the English mastiff is not what is clear is that dogs of the mastiff type were used in.

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Mastiff types 1. Neapolitan mastiff. The Neapolitan mastiff is a descendant of a Molossian dog of which there are records from the 1st century later.

Spanish or Leonese Mastiff Pyrenean Mastiff Italian Mastiff or Cane Corso Neapolitan Mastiff English Mastiff or Mastiff American Mastiff Mastiff.

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Spanish or Leonese mastiff · Pyrenean mastiff puppy; Kashmir Mastiff (Bakharwal).

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Mastiff Types Fact checked Article has been checked for accuracy Content includes links to reputable media sites, academic research institutions, and occasionally medical studies. Reviewed and approved by biologist Samuel Sanchez. In any case, when talking about mastiffs we cannot mention a single breed, as there are several existing ones.

This is something that has made them perfect guard dogs throughout their history. Each one constitutes an independent breed and we explore its characteristics in the following lines. In general, it can be said that the mastiff is a molossian dog with a lot of antiquity. This is what has meant that over the centuries so many varieties and shades derived from its original body plan have emerged.

Tibetan Mastiff Also known as the Tibetan Mastiff, the Tibetan Mastiff comes from the region that gives it its name. The color of the mantle can vary, although the reddish tone, the black or the complete bluish or with spots are usual. In males it reaches them at 4 years and in females at 3. The average is between 6 and 12 months in most dogs. Italian Mastiff The Italian Mastiff descends from the Roman molosser. It is also known as cane corso and it is a dog between medium and large in size, very muscular and with an elegant bearing.

The cane corso is an animal that loves to be outdoors. However, this breed did not begin to be bred until as such. With these characteristics, it is not surprising that its image imposes. However, if something also stands out about this dog, it is that it is very peaceful and friendly with the animals in the environment. This dog has a powerful and square jaw. Spanish Mastiff Another of the types of mastiff worth knowing is the Spanish mastiff, which is also called the Leonese mastiff.

This dog has a compact and solid body and balanced and strong legs. It has a coat of semi-long, thick and smooth hair. Its color can vary, standing out above the rest the reddish tones, the blacks, the yellows, the whites and various combinations between them. He is a very intelligent and faithful dog as well as affectionate. For these reasons, it is also an excellent pet. English mastiff or mastiff The English mastiff or mastiff has its origin in Great Britain, where there are records of the breed from the fifteenth century.

The imposing presence of this dog is given by its square head and large, muscular body. The muzzle is black and it also has spots of this color around the eyes. Pyrenean Mastiff The Pyrenean Mastiff is another type of mastiff that originated in Spain. It is a medium-sized dog, with a large head and small eyes. Its fur is in the form of a dense, thick mantle made up of hairs approximately 10 centimeters long.

This gives him a shaggy and good-natured appearance. For this reason, it is sometimes called the white mastiff. However, there are also specimens with brown, yellow and gray tones in their fur. This dog has a medium-sized body and has long, thin limbs. Kashmir Mastiff The Kashmir Mastiff is a dog bred in the Himalayan mountains and is also known by the name of Bakharwal.

It is an animal used to protect livestock in its place of origin. Its main physical characteristic is its muscular and strong body, supported by long legs and covered with smooth black, brown or spotted fur. Bullmastiff With the bullmastiff there is some controversy, as some entities classify it as a type of mastiff and others do not. This is because it is a hybrid dog whose emergence was given by the cross between a bulldog and an old mastiff.

This dog has a very compact and strong body. Its snout is short, flattened and has a powerful jaw. As for his hair, it is also short and not very soft to the touch. Its origin is due to the crossing of Spanish mastiffs with Latin American molossers and jíbaros typical of the island.

American Mastiff The American Mastiff is a molosser dog originating in the United States. It is born from the cross between the English mastiff dog and an Anatolian shepherd dog. The reality is that all of them have a certain facility for training, so there should be no problems in coexistence if they are given a good education.

However, due to their considerable size, it must be borne in mind that these dogs need a lot of space to live. Therefore, they are not recommended for people who live in small apartments. you might be interested

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