Types Of Meditation

Meditation | Everything You Need To Know To Meditate At Home

The multiple benefits of meditation for the body, mind and emotions have been more than talked about in recent years, helping this.

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Therefore, for all those who want to start meditative practice or learn to meditate, we have decided to collect the different types of meditation.

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Meditation, used today as a complementary therapy to improve There are two types of meditation that are commonly practiced: ‘meditation.

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How relaxation helps · Deep breathing · Meditation · Biofeedback · Progressive relaxation · Yoga · Tai Chi · For more information.

7 Types of Meditation and Its Benefits – Step To Health

What are the different types of meditation? Discover all the exercises that exist and find the way to meditate that best suits you.

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In the same way that we put order at home or in our agenda every day, it is very beneficial for our health to do the same with our mind. We live in a hyperconnected society. If you feel like it, in this other article you can discover the benefits of mindfulness. And, in this 15-minute Relaxation and Meditation video, I present my meditation space at home.

My altar and the accessories I use for my morning meditation. Meditate every day: Take a few minutes It is always a good time to resume or start daily meditation. If you are a beginner, read this article in which I explain how to start meditation. If reading this article has made you want to practice, I propose this complete 10-minute guided meditation taken from my first book My Yoga Diary.

To perform any of them, you must sit in a comfortable meditation posture. You can sit cross-legged on a cushion, blanket or block to better anchor your sit bones at the base of your pelvis, raising your hips and thus straightening your spine without tension.

But, if you have trouble adopting this posture, you can practice sitting in a chair without supporting your back on the backrest, keeping it straight and without tensing your shoulders. Silent meditation Silent meditation is characterized by the fact that there are no spoken prompts. They can be guided by the sound of a gong or a note played every few minutes to keep you present and not allow the mind to wander during your meditation time.

In XLY Studio you can find Silent Meditations of 5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes if you want to try it and feel its effects, accompanied by binaural sounds. The japa mala is a sacred and intimate object, it is not usually shared or left on the ground and its beads can be made of wood, stones or seeds. You can get a japa mala in my online store. It is about using the phalanges of the hand as a guide in the form of a snail and doing natural breaths from 1 to 12 laps, repeating several laps.

Metta bhavana The Buddhist meditation Metta Bhavana focuses on unconditional love and compassion towards all living beings, humans, animals, people related to you and those who are not, to build greater harmony among all.

We cultivate a positive energy love, friendship, kindness towards yourself and towards other people, whether we know them or not, from the heart. Guided meditation Guided meditation consists of listening to the instructions of the yoga teacher, so that the guided person gradually focuses attention on the present moment and the sensations that he or she is experiencing. You can practice guided meditation in this series of meditations on XLY Studio.

Meditation with visualization Meditation with visualizations is a widely used technique to reduce anxiety, since it helps to reduce the state of physiological activation of the organism when we are in that state. To imagine is to create, to cross limits and a way of designing our desires. Therefore, meditation with visualization is a creative way to achieve well-being. It requires training and therefore implies dedication, discipline and regularity. Guided meditation books and podcasts Nowadays, we can meditate anywhere thanks to apps.

Learn to Meditate – Lesson 3: Types of Meditation