Types Of Necklaces

Types of Necklaces

This type of neckline gives the freedom to combine it with different types of necklaces. From a simple necklace to a choker or necklace.

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In primitive times, cavewomen wore necklaces made of different materials that they hunted. For example, bones, rattlesnakes.

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When we talk about necklaces, we mean any type of chain that features precious metals or gems. The indicated necklace.

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The statement necklace is the accessory of the moment: large, dominant and impressive. His creed: impose and draw attention. Necklaces: many styles, many.

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Types of necklaces: Necklace The necklace has a length of 30 centimeters to 33 centimeters. If they use this type of necklace, it is recommended to use earrings or earrings that are short. The choker has a length that goes from 36 centimeters to 41 centimeters, thus having almost the exact measurement of the neck so that this accessory surrounds it perfectly.

The use of the choker dates back to the Middle Ages and the Victorian era, when people of high birth and all important figures wore these garments at important meetings and balls. Currently, this piece is still part of every girl’s jewelry box, since this type of necklace helps increase the attractiveness and beauty of the neck, apart from also offering a touch of elegance to the person.

It is recommended to use this type of necklace with dark-colored dresses, preferably strapless and that leave the shoulders uncovered. Experts recommend that there is at least a 1 centimeter distance between your neck and the necklace, in order to avoid a possible risk of suffocation. This necklace is used in formal parties, since this necklace brings a lot of elegance, especially if it is a pearl necklace.

Fashion experts recommend that when combining this accessory with some other garment, that the 2 garments do not touch each other, and that they are separated at a distance of 3 centimeters, since, if they touched, they could simply ruin the girl’s look. Types of necklaces: Opera This necklace, unlike those mentioned above, has a length of 71 centimeters to 86 centimeters, thus being a very long necklace, which reaches the height of the woman’s chest.