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The Styles And Meanings Of Tattoos

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When it comes to tattoos, everyone has their own arbitrary set of rules about what is and isn’t allowed. People like to say that "a tattoo.

5 Traditional or old school.

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What are the most demanded tattoo styles? · one. Blackwork: black ink only 2. Traditional (Old School) 3. Neotraditional (Neotrad.

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The meaning of tattoos

The styles and types of tattoos You may have thought about getting a certain type of tattoo, that you have decided on the design, such as the letter and color; So all that remains is to go to your tattoo artist and have him translate what you had in mind on your skin, but sometimes doubts may arise about how we want the tattoo or we only have a clear idea and we do not know what drawing to do.

Then the creativity of the tattoo artist comes into play, and of course, that he knows well the different styles and types of tattoos that exist. This type of tattoo is usually very detailed. Irezumi style tattoos are usually quite large. The work is carefully planned before starting to tattoo on any part of the body. The plot is always thick and marked. Tribal tattoo Born in Polynesia, the tribal style is recognizable by its lines and thick patterns, filled with black or sometimes gray gradient.

So, according to the reasons and the location, the tattooed belonged to a certain social caste. These days, this style of tattoo is seen a lot on the lower back for women, and on the arms or legs for men. Try to create patterns by drawing small dots so that thanks to them tattoos with all kinds of designs are created.

It is usually a tattoo that is made only with black ink. It gives an effect of torn skin, through which we see the mechanisms, like a robot. The wide variety of sizes, font and placement makes it very popular. Graffiti style The Graffiti style, also known as New School, is a modern and current style that combines cartoons with street and urban style techniques and influences.

It is characterized by its bright and striking colors, as well as its exaggerated lines. It is a groundbreaking graffiti that goes beyond what is established and is not suitable for any skin. A path that usually leads to success in any of its aspects. They are usually used to mark memorable dates on the skin, the birth of a child, the date of a wedding…

The good thing is that a figure like a heart allows you to tattoo it in almost any area of ​​​​the body and at any size. Black tattoos, as they are known, cover an entire area with black ink. In fact, they are also ideal for covering up regrettable tattoos. To accompany them, geometric figures are usually drawn. In fact, there are those who define it as neotribal. If you want to see them all, take a look at Lionel Messi’s tattoos. His inspiration comes from art on paper and consists of leaving the tattoo halfway, as if it were a draft, a sketch.

The meaning of tattoos Along with the different styles of tattoos that we can find, we also have to talk of course, about the meaning of tattoos since depending on how they are or even where they are done, they can have one meaning or another.

The meaning of geometric symbols The triangle tattoo, a favorite of geometric tattoos, represents what works for three: the body, the soul and the spirit, but also the man, the woman and the child, or the beginning, the middle and the end.

They symbolize truth, hope and light. But be careful, it can also evoke an excess of ambition. The anchor, which is often seen in wrist tattoos, is a symbol of stability, security and hope. You should know that the dove is the symbol of peace, sweetness and innocence, while a pair of doves represent fidelity. If you choose a butterfly, know that these evoke happiness, grace, beauty but also resurrection, while fireflies represent fragility.

The elephant represents wisdom, strength, stability and patience, while the lion represents strength and decision and the snake represents danger. Tattoos on the hand or wrist The hand and its extension, the wrist, are in some cultures the symbols of activity and spirit. On the shoulder, arm, forearm Arms represent strength, balance and power.

The arms and forearms are the heart and lung meridians. The arms are the first parts of the body that relate to each other and touch. In the Sensual neck, the tattoo on the neck has a part of mystery. We must get close to find out, making a feud report.

The hair can veil or unveil the inked pattern at will. The tattoo moves with the breath, evoking something deep in the person. On the back or kidney drop The back is the shadow of consciousness. People who take the step make their legs an ornamental work. On the foot or ankle Act of freedom. The foot and the ankle maintain the principle in the relationship between the earth and the sky.

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