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PVC figures The Croods Children’s figures, PVC figures all families of Bullyland, Comansi available in The Croods – Ugga – Model

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Drawing of Ugga from the Croods to print and coloring.

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Ape Entertainment proudly present the official prequel to Dreamworks’ upcoming blockbuster family film, The Croods! Join Grug, Ugga, Eep, Thunk, Gran.

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Ugga Croods Archives – Enneagram of Personality

What happened to Grug, Ugga, Eep, Guy, Tonk, Sandy and Gran? When The Croods discover an idyllic walled paradise that satisfies all.

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Grug Croods — Sexual Enneatype 6 He is the well-meaning, grumpy and overprotective caveman patriarch of the Crood family. His hypervigilance has always kept his family safe, he tries to use his strength to intimidate possible dangers. The preoccupation with strength stems from his need for power to offset fear.

The force is transformed into a form of power that hides the desire to be protected. Unconsciously they go looking for protection, and consciously they offer their strength as a way of loving the other. He has a great desire to direct and a passion to command. cares about group cohesion. He is determined and likes risk because there he shows himself how strong he is.

always has a point of anxiety. He tells stories by way of learning… and his endings are always fatal. Grug rejects everything new for fear of future dangers, preventing his own evolution. She is affectionate and accepts her husband’s mentality. They meet the expectations of their group Deep down their greatest desire is to be accepted within the group. He is very attracted to leaders, those who do something for the group, someone to admire.

It is traditional and conformist. You don’t like to change your routine. Can’t stand the frustration of routine. He is usually in a state of permanent enthusiasm and his vicious circle would be: illusion and enthusiasm for the new. you need your space. She is impetuous and capricious.

Welcome to my world. There is a difference.

The World’s First Big Game – The Croods