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You Look Like A Dead Man (Stories From The Umbrella Academy)

Fanfic between Riverdale, The Umbrella Academy and Marvel. A girl fell into New York City without even knowing her name, so she adopted Kathie’s.

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This story is based on the ending of the second season of the umbrella academy after the meeting of academies and how T/N and the other members.

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Stories from The Umbrella Academy: You Look Like a Dead Man. Screenplay: Gerard Way and Shaun Simon. Drawing: I.N.J. Culbard. Format: Paperback, pages, color.

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The story focuses on the conflicts that existed in the group from the beginning, based on the life of Vanya Hargreeves .

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Hand drawing and color by I.N.J. Culbard

Norma is in charge of publishing this spin off, just like she did with the original series. Both authors have done a good job of creating a totally independent comic that does not affect its reading to the original series. The reader does not lose anything if he does not want to read it, since it is a loose and self-conclusive story that has nothing to do with the Academy. On the other hand, if you have to know things about The Umbrella Academy so that the character of Klaus is well understood, his powers speak and channel the dead, and his father’s decision.

As for the script itself, the story is pretty crazy, even for an Umbrella Academy spinoff. Klaus is kicked out of home and decides to try to support himself by going to Hollywood, where he thinks his powers can help him. His life intersects with Vivian Clarke, an old glory of the Hollywood interpretation come unless he wants to recover his fame. The truth is that the script is a bit bizarre set of ideas, even for The Umbrella Academy.

Vampire monkeys, evil old actresses, a run-down mob boss with a somewhat peculiar family, conversations in the void between Klaus and a writer who hides there to avoid going to hell… and all this manages to mix and "make sense". " at the end. Hand drawing and color by I. Culbard Culbard maintains the style of other works such as The King in Yellow. Conclusion You Look Like a Dead Man is a spin off of The Umbrella Academy. The original series had a great acceptance in its adaptation to the small screen on Netflix.

This is possibly one of the main motivations when creating this comic. But in my opinion the full potential of Klaus is partly wasted. He is a traumatized young man who talks to the dead and takes refuge in alcohol and drugs. That idea has a lot of pull to deepen a character. The story itself is not that I was excited either.

A plot with too many scattered elements that come together at the end. Not to mention that they wanted to drink from the fame of The Umbrella Academy. Drawing is not the fruit of my passion either. For all this, I think it is not a comic for everyone. If you don’t know anything about The Umbrella Academy, or don’t like it, better ignore it.

If, on the other hand, you are a big fan of the series, both in comics and in Netflix production, give it a try.