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How To Paint Your Nails And Not Stain Your Fingers

The abuse of enamels, permanent and gel manicures can yellow the nail and weaken it. Nails don’t need you to let them breathe.

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How to paint your nails and not stain your fingers

How to take care of your nails to keep them healthy, natural and beautiful 1. Shape your nails Before starting, wash your hands well and dry them with a towel. Cut the nails if necessary and then, with the help of a file, begin to gently shape them. There are some polishing files that are used to bring out a natural shine to the nails. However, excessive filing can weaken them. It is important to be careful and not file them too much.

Step 1 Apply Si-Nails along the edge of the nail and the cuticle. Step 2 Apply it all over the nail surface. Step 3 Apply it under the nail. Repeat the steps on the rest of the nails. The cuticles are the layer of skin that protects the root of the nail. They prevent dirt from entering and help protect nails from the possible entry of microorganisms, allergens, irritants and excess moisture.

The key is to hydrate them. To remove the cuticle easily, it needs to be well nourished. Moisturizes and protects nails and cuticles You have to moisturize the cuticles daily so that the moment when they bother you never comes and you want to finish them off. They are an often forgotten part of our hands.

However, hydrated cuticles can make your bare nails look neat and pretty. Carry a hand moisturizer with you and apply it after each wash and after using hydroalcoholic gel. In the evening, after applying Si-Nails, moisturize your hands again. Not painting your nails does not mean neglecting them.

Quite the contrary. The abuse of enamels, permanent and gel manicures can yellow the nail and weaken it. Write us at consumercare.