Updo Braid Hairstyles

Wedding Guest Hairstyle Tutorial – Rubber Band Braid

If you love your braids, but need to wear your hair up from time to time, the top knot is a hairstyle option.

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Wedding guest hairstyle tutorial – rubber band braid Today I am going to leave you a wedding guest hairstyle tutorial that has been collected with a braid.

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The hairstyle is very important to finish a good look, and if it is with a braid updo, success is guaranteed.

Updos for hairstyles with braids – Vanitas Espai

Inspiration for updos for weddings with braids. This type of hairstyle looks so good, that I present you a super nice selection.

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So now you know. The variety of this type of hairstyles is quite wide, so you have a choice. You already know that at Víctor del Valle we love to advise you. Wide variety of updos with braids If there is something good about updos with braids, it is that there is a wide variety.

Depending on the result you want to achieve, you will be able to choose between several options. That is, those that consist of making a braid and that’s it. The typical two braids, a semi-updo in the shape of a braid, wearing your hair loose and having a braid along the length of the hair or several braids on the top of the head are other options that we at Víctor del Valle love.

Types of braids Now we want to talk to you about the different types of braids so you can see all the possibilities there are. On the other hand, we have the herringbone braid, which consists of dividing the hair into two parts and passing small strands from one side to the other. Updos with braids for weddings If we think of updos with braids for weddings, whether for brides or guests, the first word that comes to mind is romanticism.

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