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Vampire Girl The Real Age Of Actors And Their Partners

Daisy is a beautiful young schoolgirl, who in appearance is as ordinary as the other students, she has been with Max for a long time and is the love of her whole life, however, she has a very peculiar life, her mom and dad are vampires. Although.

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Main[edit] ; Eduardo Pérez, Mirco Vladimoff, Vampire; Jacqueline Arenal, Ana BlackMerMoon McLaren, Vampira ; Juan Pablo Obregon, Ulises O’Brien, Vampire.

Daisy O’Brian (Greeicy Rendon) · Santiago Talledo as Max De La Torre. · Mirco Vladimoff as (Eduardo Pérez) · Lorena García as Marilyn Garcés. Lucia Barragan as .

Vampire Girl the Real Age of Actors and their Partners – Before and After

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Vampire Girl the Real Age of Actors and their Partners (Vampire Girl TV series)

A few years behind schedule five, to be specific, Vampire Girl arrives on Disney Channel. Well yes. Like Luna, Patito and so many other titles since Hanna Montana or maybe before, Vampire Girl is no exception.

The series does not have a special budget in special effects, nor does it show particular attention in developing original plots. Nor does it stand out for some characters that are not from the crowd and it does not forget the usual clichés. Despite all this, Vampire Girl is salvageable because it talks about giving up oneself for the good of the other, the importance of family unity, selfless friendship, honesty, integrity and sincerity.

Adults children Vampire stories have always been a good resource for storytelling. However, in this Colombian youth telenovela, the possibilities offered by the afterlife universe are not fully taken advantage of and its scripts opt for the light adolescent comedy. In turn, the adult characters suffer episodes of infantilization and are ridiculous in the face of certain attitudes, interpretations, characterizations and reactions.

A sad way of wanting to make humor without succeeding. Intersperses good intentions with inexplicable winks for adults. Has good pace and ability to entertain. But it does not stand out for being one of the best youth offers. I like it:.