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wow! Meet The New Vans Collection With Where’s Wally?

Vans x Where’s Waldo? (Where is Wally?) is the new collection of the clothing brand that is inspired by the book.

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But this collection will not only feature sneakers and Vans will also launch hats, sweatshirts and t-shirts with designs of Where’s Wally. The.

VANS WALLY 3 Varsity Sport ’73 Navy True Whie Sneakers Mens Size – $ FOR SALE! Colour: Navy. Style: Athletic/Skate/Casual.

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Meet the new Vans collection, with the iconic character from ‘Where’s Wally?’, made up of sneakers, t-shirts and caps. You will love it!

Where’s Waldo x Vans, a collection to pay attention to detail

The classic Vans Authentic has a Land of Wallys edition that pays homage to Wally’s hometown full of adventures from the first.