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VAV’s Lou And Ziu Announce Military Enlistment

VAV is a South Korean boy band formed by A Team Entertainment in Seoul.The group currently consists of seven members: St. Van, Baron, Ace, Ayno, Jacob, Lou and Ziu.They debuted on November 2, with the EP Under the Moonlight.

South Korea. The members of the Kpop group VAV, Lou and Ziu have announced to their fans that they will be leaving to fulfill their military service.

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Members (Leader, Vocalist and Dancer) BaRon (Vocalist and Dancer) ACE (Vocalist and Dancer) Ayno (Rapper and Dancer) Jacob .

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The group currently consists of seven members: St. Van, Baron, Ace, Ayno, Jacob, Lou and Ziu. They debuted on November 2, with the EP Under the.

VAV Members • Biography, Facts and Curiosities

It is one of the many groups that have used an acronym in their name to define themselves. You might be surprised to know that it came out early on as a sub-agency of JYP Entertainment taking care of artists like the famous group Miss A or the soloist Baek Ah Yeon. However, today it is an independent agency, focused on this group, unknown to many, making its way into the Korean music scene little by little. We must clarify that in this video only five members of those mentioned above appear in this video: Xiao, St.

His father suffered from very delicate health and this led him to have to return to China in order to spend as much time as possible with him and his family. On May 9, the music video was released in which we can see our boys fighting against the government. This time in July they came back with a ballad as the main song of their comeback, No Doubt, which talks about the love shared during a winter and the memories it left.

That is why throughout the video we can see how the members chase a female figure. Cold tone and deep looks are what these guys offered us in their video. However, this didn’t stop the members from thanking fans for their support with Here I Am. Without a doubt, it was a gift that his fandom liked a lot. In this case it was GyeoUl. As the date approached A Team was revealing the new members that would be part of VAV. The first one was YoonHo.

He was known due to his participation in the program NO. Unfortunately, he was eliminated from the competition, leaving the agency, in order to be part of VAV. In the following days he introduced himself to Lou and then to Ziu. VAV was once again made up of seven members. On their return they decided to bet on Venus Dance With Me, a pop dance song in which our boys appear dressed in cheerful costumes on different stages.

A new stage began for the group. This time we can see the members singing about confessing their love to the girl they like. All this accompanied by a video in pastel tones in which we can see how they are giving flowers. In the teasers we could see the different members enjoying a day at the pool. The song is quite upbeat and upbeat. Throughout the video we are presented with two different concepts, the first in which they use bright colors, while the second we can see a black stage with a starry background.

The Show was the program with which the promotions of this single began. It’s past March 30 VAV stepped on our country. They felt very grateful posting messages through social media. From Korea Culture we wish you to return soon.