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Venus In Astrology – Meaning, Signs And Astrological Chart

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In astrology, Venus is the planet of love and expression, the goddess of love who represents your personal values ​​and what you love most.


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Venus is synonymous with relationships, encounters, acceptance. Therefore, in the birth chart, this planet indicates, on the one hand, the potential for affinity and.

Venus in Astrology – Meaning, Signs and Astrological Chart • AstroMundus

They are the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn (as mentioned above, the sun and the moon were considered by the.

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Its orbit is in days, which is how long it takes to go around the Sun once. And if you are interested in knowing how it influences your birth chart, stay with us. Venus in Astrology We have already indicated that the Planet Venus is the second planet closest to the Sun, its Orbit is of days, but due to its location, an average of 25 days is maintained in each sign of the zodiac. It has also been said that it is the planet that determines the sensations related to taste, enjoyment, enjoyment, balance, complacency, choices, embellishment, liking, attention and many others.

Because of this, individuals who are inclined towards the arts and social connections should have a very well placed Venus in their birth chart. On the contrary, if an individual does not have any inclination towards beauty or esthetics, they will probably have problems with their Venus in their birth chart.

Therefore, they choose what is optimal for each occasion. They have the ability to choose what suits them for their well-being. Feeling and love are peculiarities of Venus. In these people it is observed that one of their main motivating engines is the conjunction with their partner. A person with a good Venus requires all the time to satisfy their emotions.

In all actions that involve internal jouissance, our Venus mediates. In it is what is given the name of happiness and or feel happiness. Venus in sensitive planet astrology Venus is among the sensitive planets. Dislikes conflict and always wants harmony and communication. It is particularized by thinking instead of acting and implements seduction plans.

But they are lazy, they do not like to make efforts and opt for others to move around for them. It is the planet of the feminine, so sweets, cakes, flowers and fashions are its thing. It is also the ruling planet of artists, youth and seduction. In Taurus, Venus stands still and doesn’t want to move; with a tendency to get very comfortable, and is very inactive. Positive and negative expressions In general, we will make a list of the different forms of expression that Venus can develop in a birth chart: Taste, enjoyment, conciliator, balancer, art, sensuality, harmonious and relaxed atmosphere, adaptable.

Passivity, selfishness, avoidance and avoidance of all possible conflicts, apathy, hedonism, lack of sense of aesthetics Other relationships Venus is normally associated with the function that Jung called feeling. The element that makes you feel at home is water.

Your position is retrograded once every 18 months. Meaning of the astrological symbol for Venus The astrological symbol for Venus is a cross with a circle above it. This is intended to represent that the spirit is above matter, which means that those who have a good Venus live their emotions and express them through their relationships. Venus in Mythology Venus is named after the Roman goddess Venus. Turan was the similar goddess in the Etruscan civilization.

The distinction between these three deities are as follows: Roman Venus: she was the goddess of beauty, love and fertility. Turan: was the goddess of vegetation and gardens.

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