Veronica Lodge

Veronica Lodge From ‘Riverdale’: A Shady Past For A Character You Love

Veronica Cecilia Lodge is one of the main characters in the Archie Comics franchise, and is the keyboardist and one of three vocalists for the rock band The Archies. She is from New York but currently resides in the city of Riverdale, with.

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Veronica Cecilia Lodge, better known as Veronica Lodge, is one of the main characters in Riverdale. She is played by actress Camila Mendes. Is a.

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Veronica in ‘Riverdale’: all about the character and Camila Mendes

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Who is Veronica Lodge? Origins and history of the protagonist of ‘Riverdale’

This American production based on the characters of Archie Comics has already confirmed its renewal for a sixth season. Played by Camila Mendes, she is a character with many nuances and a life journey that is worth getting to know. To understand the personality of Veronica Lodge you have to look at her past.

Drugs, bullying and parties were part of his day to day. However, when her father, Hiram Lodge, was jailed for fraud and embezzlement, Veronica’s life changed. Alongside her mother, Hermione Lodge, Veronica watched her life of luxury and comfort disappear overnight.

They even had to take a path back to the origins, returning to Riverdale, the hometown of their parents. She tries, in a way, to make up for the times when her behavior no longer makes her feel proud. That is why he becomes a very protective person with his friends and family.

Camila Mendes is the actress who gives life to Veronica Lodge, a role that launched her to stardom. He was born in Charlottesville, Virginia, United States, on June 29, His Latin features are due to his parents, Víctor and Gisele Mendes, Brazilians. She came to live a year in Brazil; in fact, he confesses that he moved up to sixteen times, although it was in Florida where he spent most of his childhood.

He speaks perfectly English and Portuguese. On this occasion, the lucky one is Grayson Vaughan, a 28-year-old photographer and model. In fact, he has openly acknowledged that he has suffered from eating disorders in the past and is currently actively involved in Proyecto HEAL, an organization that tries to help people who have these same problems. Shortly after, his big opportunity would arrive. And the rest is history.

By Noelia Hontoria.

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