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The Charm Of Veronica Lodge In ‘Riverdale’

Veronica Cecilia Lodge is one of the main characters in the Archie Comics franchise, and is the keyboardist and one of three vocalists for the rock band The Archies. She is from New York but currently resides in the city of Riverdale, with.

The graduation episode of ‘Riverdale’ will be very dramatic for Archie and Veronica The video could not be loaded because the server or the network.

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Veronica Cecilia Lodge, better known as Veronica Lodge, is one of the main characters in Riverdale. She is played by actress Camila Mendes. Is a.

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The charm of Veronica Lodge in ‘Riverdale’ – MEW Magazine

Feb 5, – Let’s find out how much of Veronica from Riverdale you really are.

The actress made some strong statements about the future of the series

She was born and raised in New York with her parents. A great strength For someone like Veronica, used to having everything at her fingertips, this was a very hard blow. But if something has characterized Verónica Lodge throughout the seasons, it is her integrity and her strength. In the face of adversity she grows, so there is no situation that can with her. And there is no comparison between the rich institute he attended before with the small Riverdale High School.

This new beginning was really a new opportunity to start from scratch and to be able to find herself. She does not want to be like them and shows it with great strength and grace. Loyalty above all On the other hand, for her her family are above all her friends. And although Veronica has a huge heart and is pure kindness, she also has her rebellious bad girl point that attracts us so much. On the other hand, it is noted that Veronica comes directly from the Big Apple, because when it comes to style, there is no one who can win her.

As you get to know Verónica Lodge, her charm wins you over little by little. An actress who brings freshness and dynamism to a character that seems to be created to measure. Posted in.

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