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Veronica Lodge Was Supposed To Be Just Another Brunette Bad Girl, Now She’s A Little Older

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About ; Name, Veronica Lodge; Nickname, Ronnie (for Hermonie, Archie and Ethel), "v" (by Betty and Chuck) ; Affiliations, Jossie and the Pussycats and River Vixens.

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Hello, I’m Veronica Lodge, my father is Hiram Lodge, yes I know what you think the devil is in flesh and blood but I support my father.

Veronica in ‘Riverdale’: all about the character and Camila Mendes

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Who is Veronica Lodge? Origins and history of the protagonist of ‘Riverdale’

I also don’t remember the comics that feature so much obvious Cover Girl placement style, but that’s a topic for another essay. There was a change that gave me a very conflicted feeling: the decision to disengage Veronica Lodge. Years of formula TV exposure means that even if you never touched an Archie comic, you still knew exactly what to expect the moment Veronica first appeared on screen.

I’m not ashamed to admit I had an almost Pavlovian reaction to Veronica’s appearance. Clearly, she was there to sprinkle some much-needed spice on sleepy Riverdale, be Betty Cooper’s archenemy, seduce Archie with her HBIC charisma, and entertain us with endless machinations and catfights.

Dear reader, if you could have seen my face at the moment Veronica announces her bad-girl-gone-good intentions, it would have looked exactly like this GIF. This girl wears a dress with sleeves, stilettos and pearls for high school; you know you can serve the reality of Georgina Sparks when you need it.

At worst, she’s a scheming, selfish alpha bitch Courtney Shayne in Jawbreaker or Dynasty Alexis Carrington. She is often, and this is the key, unapologetic, sexy. In short, BGB knows what it wants and is not afraid to demand it. In a landscape of pop culture often devoid of complex depictions of women, it can be totally vicariously exciting to see a female character own her power and sexuality.

Of course, not everyone feels that way about BGBs. This is because BGBs are often asked to play another, less glorious role: that of the rival opposite a perky blonde.. Think Beverly Hills, drama queen Brenda competes with poor little rich girl Kelly for Dylan’s affections. But the fact that the BGB’s selfishness and machinations make them hated by some has always struck me as hypocritical.

Think Tony Soprano, a neurotic teddy bear with a body count to rival Jason Voorhees. Or Walter White, who cut a ruthless path of destruction while building an international drug empire. It’s as tired and misogynistic as the tropes, and for that I’m glad Riverdale lives to change it at every opportunity. Yes, Betty and Veronica around the year have their ups and downs and petty jealousy in Seven Minutes in Heaven.

And Veronica does want and spoiler alert finally gets Archie. It’s all so comforting. The first season ended with a new mystery and a slightly renewed rivalry, when Veronica notices that Archie suddenly lusted after Betty now that she was with Jughead ugh, dudes. Related Posts.

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