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In this section you will find the best and most exciting motorcycle videos. You will find videos of new models of motorcycles and scooters, acrobatic videos or.

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Dec – Explore Eunice Miranda’s board "motorcycle videos" on Pinterest. See more ideas about sports bikes, motorcycle girl.

Dec – Explore Eunice Miranda’s board "motorcycle videos" on Pinterest. See more ideas about sports bikes, motorcycle girl.

Videos of motorcycles and motorcycling. All this and more, in Solo In this video, a duel between a Suzuki GSX R and a Porsche Turbo S is cooked.

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If yes, you know what it feels like. But if not, we can assure you that it makes your hair stand on end and makes you feel like little ants. This video is a clear example of the difference between a professional pilot and an amateur. Corentin Perolari is a 20-year-old rider who, despite starting out in motocross, decided to move up to speed and was champion of the Yamaha YZFR Cup. Because to be honest… It had to give a lot of respect to see a rider approaching you at that pace, and making such tight overtaking.

Biker circulates with a wolf on his head Videos of peculiar people riding a motorcycle we have seen many. From people who travel with their puppies, with their corresponding backpack, to people who seem to take advantage of motorcycle trips to do yoga, or some crazy people who, directly, do not even know what they do. The 73 curves of its route, together with the unevenness, are the ideal incentive for lovers of two and four wheels, gasoline and speed.

Now, not everyone who enters is capable of doing so in the same conditions, because our skills and abilities on the motorcycle or car are very different. The car is from the Apex-Nuerburg fleet, one of the companies that offers taxi service on the track. On the Ducati Panigale V4, another rider who looks very closely at the rear of the M3. In this case, the blows are from the patrol car, and directed at the motorized robber. A group of 6 friends were waiting on the side of the road, at a crossroads, when the motorcyclist in the video arrived at too much speed.

He is unable to control the motorcycle and, despite trying to brake, he ends up running over one of them and his motorcycle. And, as they explain in the post, "a motorcycle can be replaced, we only have one life". However, this video gives us two master lessons. One is that we must drive respecting our own limits, and those of the circumstances of the road and the environment. On the other hand, when we stop, we must do so in an authorized area and not on the side of the road or at a crossroads.

Any given day, on a biker getaway, or on the way to or from work. You go calmly down your lane, or not so calmly -that is up to each one-, and suddenly a car appears in front of you. Not driving calmly on his side, but at a speed that he is not able to control and, therefore, ends up invading your lane and the car rips off the rear-view mirror of the motorcycle. It is the motorcyclist who can slightly correct his trajectory, enough to avoid ending up crushed by tourism.