The Drama "V".I.P.» Shows Your Characters Relationships

A woman enjoying a happy marriage and professional success receives an anonymous message warning her that her husband is cheating on her.

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korean drama. South Korea Box Office: Warner Bros. Local Thriller About North Korean Defection Debuts on Top ‘VIP’ in which the CIA attempts to aid the.

It tells the story of an elite team that handles VIP customers who make up 1% of their customers in a department store and the stories of women.

Jung Sun is the deputy manager of the VIP team at Seongwun Mall. She seems to have a happy life, as she is recognized for her skill at work and.

The Drama "V".I.P.» Shows the Relationships of your Characters

vip. TV series. Genre, Mystery, Drama. Created by, Myoungwoo Lee. Directed by, Lee Jung-rim. Jang Na Ra.

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We can’t help but root for Jung Sun when he discovers her cheating. Seeing Jung Sun demand Sung Joon answer the phone in front of her also made us tense. The phone call to Manager Cha sent chills down our spines: Jung Sun had Sung Joon exactly where she wanted him, and Sung Joon’s soft lie shocked us at how vulnerable Jung Sun was.

He could have confessed right now, but he didn’t. It’s hard to like these characters when they’re keeping secrets from each other, but it’s incredibly addicting to see how everyone gets into the game. It sounds weird, but the new rich lady is very relatable. Sung Joon obviously stopped talking to Jung Sun, but he was really in love with her when he proposed to her in the forest. Honestly the first episode was hard to beat but the second episode made up for everything.

We see how Sung Joon reacts to another cheater, and that cowardly, guilty look on his face is everything. Paranoia is suffocating.