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Camping is located in Mohave County, Arizona, United States of America. Virgin River Campground is located 16 miles from Dixie State University.

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Virgin River (Original Title) Nurse Mel moves to a remote town in Northern California to start a new life and the welcome that comes with it.

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The are interchangeable but Virgin River is the perfect imaginary of what a community should be. It is a town surrounded.

Mel answers a newspaper ad to work as a nurse in Virgin River. Upon arrival, he realizes that acclimatizing to a town.


The new installment of ‘Virgin River’, the romance series that runs a bar in an idyllic town in the interior of California.

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It is not about a person per se, but about a place. You can see a list of the order of the books here. Women who couldn’t have children suddenly have two without realizing it, after years of failed infertility treatments. The one that was ugly, almost by magic, suddenly has hidden attributes that no one had ever noticed. All the inhabitants help each other when there is a need: they make baskets for the sick and poor, shop for the elderly, take care of abandoned dogs.

If someone loses his house, all the neighbors build him a new one and donate furniture, materials, paint, etc. I think you are already understanding why I say that Virgin River is the study of modern utopia. Only in Virgin River do we find that sense of community that we have lost and miss so much. In Virgin River everyone belongs to the community by the mere fact of being there. We are talking about ex-soldiers, doctors, engineers, architects, police officers, veterinarians, war pilots, a protestant pastor who was a fisherman, university professors.

Everyone likes to cook and carry their wives on their shoulders, except for the old man, because then it would stop being romance and become science fiction, and that’s as far as we go… Everyone knows how to shoot and use machetes, hammers, sandpaper, polishers, plant gardens, etc. In short, Virgin River is a waste of testosterone, sperm, tools and goodness.

All of us who read Virgin River want to go live there.

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