Virgo Earth Sign

Earth Signs In Astrology

There are three earth signs of the zodiac: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Are you one of them?? People born under any of these.

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In astrology, Virgo (♍) is the sixth sign of the zodiac, the third of negative nature belongs together with Taurus and Capricorn to the Earth element.

There are three earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Although each sign of the Zodiac has its particularities, the element that.

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Virgo is a mutable and earth sign; represented by a virgin, is a sign characterized by its critical spirit, precision, reserve.


For Astrology, the energy of the planets in the birth chart is filtered through the four elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Air and each of the Sun signs is part of one of them. The natural characteristics of each element to which each sign belongs influence the personality of the natives of that sign and represent different attitudes towards life. The element to which each sign belongs is also very important to understand the compatibility of that sign.

Together, the four elements represent the forces of the natural world and, in a way, depend on each other’s existence to find their own balance and create an overall balanced flow of energy. Calm and cold in nature, Earth signs are resilient, endowed with strong willpower and self-improvement. Are "builders" loyal and maintain their inner strength in difficult times.

Unlike the Fire Element personality, the Earth patiently creates the foundation to then build and maintain its growth. From chaos, create form; has a vocation to shape matter. Earth in balance is tolerant, patient, efficient, constant and realistic.

The lack of this element suggests a personality charged with their own emotions, with scattered and unstable energy. Given their nature, the personalities of Earth must settle down, take root, feel the security of their feet well buried in the ground. This is the basis on which they consolidate all their possibilities for material and personal development.

The earth is wealth, abundance and patience. They are sensory people, who feel to the touch. As such, natives of this element are not experts in changing. Due to a highly objective stance, the creativity plan can be compromised, with no room for crazy ideas. Despite being tolerant and patient people, stubbornness and inertia make them natives of fixed ideas and instigating them to their limits can provoke unpleasant reactions.

In excess in the birth chart, the influence of the Earth Element can lead to the overvaluation of material goods, as an essential means for a sense of security. Major changes in the daily routine, the unpredictability of events or simple setbacks can turn into anxiety, generated by the feeling of lack of control and the feeling of insecurity.

On the other hand, the absence of the Earth Element in the natal chart can reveal itself in the refusal to remain, in the impossibility of resisting the call to change. This can be reflected, for example, in the difficulty of building a solid career, since the person does not have the necessary patience to build the foundations and wait for the results.

His main interest lies in the security, stability and consistency of things. The Earth element in Astrology means substance and practicality, being the driving force of the signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. For Taurus, the important thing is the profits and the advantages that the Earth and nature provide. As a Fixed sign, Taurus seeks stability and personal values. Naturally stubborn, rigid and pessimistic, for the Cardinal Capricorn, his priority is to reach limits with stability, security and determination.

With intense and constant cooperation, Earth and Water can form a beautiful couple, with feelings and thoughts balanced in the right measure. The Elements in Astrology.