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Stones For Virgo: Which Are Suitable For Men And Women Of This Zodiac Sign.

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Virgos are selective and analytical, meticulous and orderly. But they can also be nervous, apprehensive, overly critical, fussy, insecure.

Virgo Birthstones | stones and crystals

Of a very modest nature, the Virgo has great difficulty expressing his feelings. Thus, lapis lazuli and sodalite stones are recommended to develop.

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This stone perfectly develops willpower and the desire to achieve your goals. We advise you to read: Libra stones: which are suitable for men and women of this zodiac sign. The stone helps to relax after work, focus on family, your true goals, helps to fall asleep, normalizes sleep. The talismans of this gem endow a person with such important qualities as perseverance, tranquility and well-being.

In ancient times, it was believed that chrysoprase under the pillow relieves nightmares and normalizes sleep. And to cleanse the contents of the cups from the poison, they threw a piece of ore at him, and he saved his master. It should be used in those moments of life when you conclude deals, negotiate, negotiate important projects.

Sardonyx helps Virgo to travel. The stone helps not to get tired, supports the immune system and the nervous system. Citrine helps those who have trouble communicating with other people. This mineral is recommended for withdrawn and shy people who suffer from their own excessive modesty, sweetness and inability to say "no" tosomeone. Onyx best of all protects pregnant women and young children. And also, if you carry a grenade with you for a long time, then the stone begins to positively affect the health of the owner.

Topaz feels very well the energy of Virgo. The energy of the stone contributes to the purification of thoughts, expands and clarifies consciousness. It is the perfect amulet for students and scholars. Gems for health Scientists and psychics claim that the healing power of carnelian has long been confirmed by official scientific sources.

Carnelian therapy even stands out as a separate branch of alternative medicine. The mineral is worn in the form of beads or wrist bracelets. Very effective for Virgo health chrysoprase Improves cerebral circulation, increases body tone and relieves headaches. To improve the well-being of the autumn sign, it is recommended to use minerals. Red stones Virgo women from the East took it in their hands during childbirth, so that everything came out naturally and without complications.

Pomegranates regulate the female cycle, pacify mood swings and strengthen the reproductive organs. Helps to concentrate, study well, calmly perceive new information and remember it better; aventurine best for girls health. The stone makes them strong and brave little men who can stand up for themselves and their loved ones. We advise you to read: Stones for Capricorn: which are suitable for men and women of this zodiac sign.

Helps eliminate some phlegm and adds decision. Jasper is important to the girls. It seems to create an invisible protective barrier around the boy. For luck, luck and money Money stones for virgins are jasper, malachite and carnelian.

Jasper attracts money and also promotes professional growth. Malachite promotes success in various fields and helps increase wealth. Carnelian ensures the stability of financial income. The lucky stones for love are ruby ​​and garnet. But true happiness for marriage brings Virgo precisely pomegranate Protective amulets for Virgos: from the evil eye and harm.

Ancient shamans believed that a stone obtained as a result of robbery would never become a good amulet, but, on the contrary, would only bring misfortune to a person. In this way, the mineral shows that it has acquired a lot of negative energy, which must be eliminated. What stones cannot Virgo wear? It is difficult to say how Virgo cannot wear stones.

There is an opinion that virgins are not suitable for those semi-precious or precious stones that do not obey the elements of the earth When choosing a stone for yourself, remember three big rules: You must have liked the stone on the outside.

If you feel sympathy, this indicates that the vibrations of the mineral and yours coincide. intuitive choice. Remember: the stones themselves choose their owners and know better than us what we need now.

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