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April, as revealed in an interview for Shangay, feels like a pioneer in this regard: "I think there are not many transsexual actresses in.

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The Spanish actress who gives life to Macarena Ferreiro in Vis a Vis, surprises with her beauty on the networks and leaves her millions of followers stunned.

Lola Flores, Alba’s grandmother, was a singer, flamenco dancer and actress. He made his film debut in , thanks to his participation in Martingala.

The actress who gives life to Zulema Zahir was very clear in her intentions. On February 4, after four successful seasons, Vis a Vis.

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Elite 2, Cayetana: who is Georgina Amorós? The actress of ‘Vis a vis’ who came to the Netflix youth series TV Series | from the premiere.

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Telegram Share Despite the fact that the chain that broadcast Vis a vis decided to cancel it, its international success seems assured. Nawja: For me, it is very important [that the series is all about women]. It was amazing how we managed to get along so well. And it was because there were no men involved, trust me. Berta: We help each other.

Magie: We are a team. Since Diva is an LGBT medium, questions about the homosexual experiences of its characters are a must, and the actresses solve many of our doubts about Macarena, Rizos and Zulema. Maggie: no, she didn’t. I can understand my character very well because I think the same. Maybe you think you’re straight but one day you fall in love with someone.

And I think that is the case of Macarena. And at first it’s weird for her. Berta: I think that love is not about gender. I think it’s about the needs that we have inside of us. Berta: I think Rizos is the type of person who loves both [genders]. I think she had a boyfriend outside, that’s what they told me, but she has tried it with boys and girls. is very open. For my taste, the girls are slipping a bit when talking about how "cool" it is to be gay or lesbian in Spain right now. It all sounds a bit like two thousand to me, when people had that perception of being "cool", but right now… well, no.

Maggie: I’m very open. I’m straight, but who knows. You can never say never because I think I can fall in love with a person. Berta: I don’t know what I am.