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Simplified articulations of back cardinal vowels. See. Historical X-ray images of the articulation of the vowels of the same.

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3d vowel letters represent AEIOU building blocks on a white background. Singing vocalist into the microphone. Singer.

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In order to also apply the values ​​of Confucianism that values ​​the education of people. Initially, it cannot be said that the hangel was very successful, especially among the wealthy classes. Therefore, at first it was used mainly by women and children.

Until , Hangeul was therefore an unofficial alphabet. But in the same year, after the Gabo reform with Japan, the Korean alphabet was finally adopted. The word means great writing. During Japanese colonization, Hangul and the Korean language were banned. It was not until Hangul was finally adopted with a law. Hanjas have not completely disappeared and are used in some situations. They can be seen for example sometimes in newspaper articles. Notable Characteristics of Hangul The Korean alphabet has 19 consonants and 21 vowels.

Letters are combined into blocks of syllables. The sounds of some consonants change depending on whether they appear at the beginning, middle, or end of a syllable. To learn it I recommend that you use study techniques. Watch movies or series in Korean but with Spanish subtitles. Analyze your mistakes and review what you learned. Diphthongs are similar to simple vowels, only they have been combined to form new vowels. almost like me in english.

If you notice, to form these diphthongs, only a horizontal bar has been added to the simple vowels.

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