Wafers Recipe

How To Make Wafers, Ingredients And Recipe

Ingredients for the Wafers recipe: · ½ liter of water · 1 tablespoon of sugar · 1 tablespoon of oil · 1 teaspoon of baking soda · ½ tablespoon of.

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Learn to prepare Wafers with this recipe. Cook with Inspiration and discover all Wafers. Dessert made from wafers filled with dulce de leche.

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Ingredients: g. of normal wheat flour 60 gr. olive oil 70 g. brown sugar ml. of water Two tablespoons of anise in.

Ingredients for the recipe for sweet wafers · gr. of normal wheat flour 60 gr. sunflower or seed oil 70 gr. sugar ml. of water 1.

Homemade Wafers Recipe

Amaranth Wafers Recipe · 60 grams of amaranth flour · ½ cup of water (milliliters) · 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil · 1 teaspoon.

Homemade Wafers Recipe

Bring slowly to a simmer, stirring constantly be careful not to burn the milk. Dissolve the baking soda in tb water. Simmer, stirring occasionally, until mixture turns brown and desired consistency, hours. While the dulce de leche is reduced, make the Wafers.

Beat butter until light and fluffy, add vanilla. Slowly add the butter mixture. Make the dough into about 4 flattened disks and chill for an hour. Turn the dough out onto a greased cookie sheet and cut into desired shapes, traditionally 2-inch circles.

The wafers should be within an inch and a half of each other. Shape excess dough into a flat disc and chill again. Cool on a rack. Repeat with all the dough. Spread it in a mold or tray and cook it in the oven. The wafer recipe is very simple: water and a mixture of different wheat flours.

One of them, which is rich in gluten, is what gives it its corky texture. Type: Dessert.