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So Are The Characters Of The Walking Dead 10 Years After The Premiere

Based on the comic strip written by Robert Kirkman, this gritty drama depicts the lives of a group of survivors who are always on the move in search of a safe home during the weeks and months of a zombie apocalypse. However, the.

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Norman Reedus. Character: Daryl Dixon; Melissa McBride. Character: Carol Peletier; danai gurira. Character: Michonne ; Lauren Cohan. Character: Maggie Green.

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Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) is Rick and Lori’s son and Judith’s older brother. Carl’s innocence diminishes as he begins to discover and.

G Gareth (The Walking Dead) Glenn Rhee The Governor (The Walking Dead) Beth Greene Hershel Greene Maggie Greene Gregory (The Walking Dead) Carl Grimes.

So are the characters of The Walking Dead 10 years after the premiere

This page aims to reflect the characters that were appearing in the different areas seen in the television series. References The character follows.

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon

After almost a decade of TWD, we bring you a comparative list so you can see what those responsible for bringing the characters of the series to life look like today and what they were like in their first appearance in it. Andrew Lincoln — Rick Grimes Andrew is a Londoner who got his start on a comedy series called Drop the Dead Donkey 25 years ago. Playing the role of Sheriff Rick Grimes, the actor remained from until , and participated in the series Fear the Walking Dead.

He went from being a secondary character to being a main character, surprising everyone with his performance. Chandler Riggs — Carl Grimes The actor began his career on the comedy Secrets of a Funeral in , and the following year he was called to play the role of Carl Grimes.

The character was present from the first to the eighth season, at which point he died abruptly. He has also been called up to appear on the Talking Dead show. Lennie James — Morgan Lennie premiered the series in , playing Morgan, and participated from the first to the third season; subsequently returned in the fifth, sixth, eighth and ninth seasons. Melissa McBride — Carol Melissa began her advertising career at the age of 26, and at the age of 28 she worked as an actress in the ABC thriller Matlock.

After several successful works such as the movie The Fog and the series Walker, Texas Ranger, the actress began to play Carol in the plot. She started out as a supporting actress, and like Norman Reedus, she is now part of the main cast. The actress won 3 of the 5 awards for which she was nominated. After this, he participated in successful films such as The Wolf of Wall Street and A Night at the Museum 2.

Steven Yeun — Glenn Rhee The actor, a psychology graduate from , began acting by lending his voice to a Korean soldier in the game Crysis. He acted in the third season of The Big Bang Theory and the same year he was invited to The Walking Dead, where he remained from the first to the seventh season.

After the series, he also dubbed animated films like Trollhunters and 3 Below. He also participated in the series Weird City. In , she was invited to TWD and stayed until the fifth season. He worked in several films based on the works of Stephen King and in all those directed by Frank Darabont.

In the series The Walking Dead, he played Dale from the first to the fourth season. Michael Rooker — Merle Dixon Michael played the role of Merle, a brutal, cruel and aggressive man, from the first to the third season. Laurie Holden — Andrea Laurie is an American and Canadian actress who was part of the cast of a , playing Andrea Harrison.

He lent his voice to Dakota in the animated film Arctic Dogs. Superman: Dawn of Justice as Martha Wayne.