Wall Ball Shots

How To Do The Wall Ball Or Ball Throw

The Wall Ball Shot is a power-strength Weightlifting movement that involves the upper, core and lower limbs. This exercise requires timing.

The Throw of the ball or Wall ball shot uses the muscles of the upper body, and to a lesser extent the lower body. Plus, it acts as a calorie burner.

Did you know that Wall Ball Shots are one of the most complete Cross Training exercises?? We tell you what they are, how to execute them and what.

For time: 50 wall-ball shots 50 pull-ups 35 wall-ball shots 35 pull-ups 20 wall-ball shots 20 pull-ups Men: 8-kg ball. 3m height.

How to do the wall ball or ball throw

A wall ball shot is a fluid combination of a medicine ball front squat and a vertical throw (shoulder press) to a point.

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How to do Wall Ball Shots

Unlike other weightlifting or gymnastics movements, they do not require learning a complex technique to master them. Also known as ball throwing or in English wall ball shots, it consists of throwing a medicine ball at the target while executing a squat or squat. As a curious fact, there is a WOD called Karen that consists of doing Wall Ball with a 9 kg ball for boys and 6 for girls. The height at which the wall balls must be thrown is 3.05 m for boys and 2.75 m for girls.

In the boxes it is usually indicated with a line painted on the wall. But it is possible to find that the target is a dartboard, especially in competitions. For RX the reference weights are usually: 9 and 6 kg. In any case it can be scaled to a lower weight if necessary. In competitions we have seen wall ball with higher weights. It is a very complete exercise that activates almost the entire body.

Many times you end up making a jump and the twins are also activated. This exercise helps improve muscular and cardiovascular power and endurance. Since this exercise requires so much effort, it is much better that you do not waste energy doing a non-rep.

Break the parallel To start the movement you have to do a squat before making the launch. Every time you catch the ball your hips should drop below the level of your knees before throwing the ball again. For example, in the Madrid Regionals, the wall balls that Annie Thorisdottir made towards Annie Thorisdottir generated quite a bit of controversy. You can see it in the next video. Aim at the target The ball must hit exactly the assigned target.

The mark to aim for does not indicate a minimum height, but an exact point to hit. If the ball goes over or stays under it is considered no rep. Tips Take a step away from the wall If we are very close to the wall it may be difficult for us to throw the ball, see it fall and even stop it with our faces.

The ideal position is one step away from the wall, to seek efficiency in the launch. A distance of about 50 cm away. Holds the medicine ball correctly Hands should be far enough apart to be able to control the direction of the ball and close enough together to be able to exert force to throw it. If we imagine that the ball is spherical like a clock, let’s say that the hands should be from minute 15 to 30, and from 30 to Make the movement flow As in the thrusters, it is a movement included in two exercises front squat and shoulder press but doing them separately is a bad idea.

Use your hips to drive the shot and take advantage of that explosiveness so you don’t just throw with the strength of your arms. When you pick up the ball, do not do it dryly and then execute the squat. Let that while the ball is descending you can be receiving the ball and cushioning the descent. Facing the wall doesn’t help psychologically either. It is recommended to have a realistic rep and rest strategy. With a plan it’s better not to think, just execute.

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How to do Wall Balls