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If you’ve seen every Marvel movie, or at least every one that Wanda Maximoff is in, you already know that Wanda had a brother, Pietro.

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A brief history of Wanda’s brother in the MCU October 25, , pm 1. After being mentioned in episode 3 of WandaVision, Quicksilver showed up at Wanda and Vision’s door at the end of episode 5. This is all a bit confusing. But this other version of the silver speedster looks like it’s straight out of Fox’s X-Men universe, which ended with Quicksilver alive presumably, considering we don’t know if the Westchester incident discussed in Logan killed him.

Pietro played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson was born in Sokovia, a fictional Eastern European nation that was bombed by Stark Industries weapons during Quicksilver’s childhood, an event that killed both of his parents. As a byproduct of the experiments, Quicksilver ends up possessing super speed.

There, he harbors a great deal of resentment for Tony Stark after the bombing of Sokovia and the rest of the Avengers. Along with the Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver aids the newly sentient Ultron in his plans to destroy humanity. Unfortunately for Ultron, Wanda and Pietro change their minds after the AI ‚Äč‚Äčturns its attention to Sokovia.

In the Battle of Sokovia, in which the Avengers confront Ultron and put an end to his plans to end the world, Quicksilver sacrifices his life to save Hawkeye from Quinjet fire. It appears that Monica, although mind-controlled like Geraldine to some degree, was conscientious enough to try to break through to Wanda.

In that universe, Peter no Pietro Maximoff is the son of Magneto. In Logan, we see the aftermath of the Westchester Incident, caused by Professor X having a seizure. We’re not shown the Westchester incident, but it’s clear what happened: one of Professor X’s seizures killed several of the X-Men.

The victims were not confirmed, so we have no idea who lived and who died. This may not matter much anymore, as the Fox-verse is presumably no longer canon, though Peter’s involvement in WandaVision definitely makes us wonder if he could still exist in a multiverse setting.

We still don’t know how Peter ended up in the MCU. He does. He has a bit of a Sokovian accent though, so he might actually be Pietro instead of Peter. Whether this is the first step for Marvel to dive into the multiverse or if it’s just a joke for us to enjoy remains to be seen. We just don’t know yet, but hopefully next week will bring some answers.

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