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The fourth season of the Spanish series "Elite", of the Netflix web production company, was renewed –along with a fifth– on January 21,

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Criticism: ‘Elite’ becomes its own parody of ‘Homo Zapping’ in season 4

‘Elite’: Season 4. watch trailer. Start date: June 18 End date: June 18 The fourth season of ‘Elite’ was officially confirmed on

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Netflix’s Spanish teen series has lost its way in the change of course

Imagine what an Elite parody would look like on Saturday Night Live. Sorry, better a national reference. I erase and start. Imagine what a parody of Elite would look like in Homo Zapping. Obviously older actors to play teenagers, exaggerated costumes bordering on costume and a collection of ridiculous excuses to take off their clothes and get laid. And that is, sadly, what Elite has become in its fourth season. a parody of herself. Because, yes, the bed-shower-pool-bathroom-place-unexpected moment where the students get horny can be very funny and very oyoyoy, but you can’t build a plot based on ramming.

And minus four or five. No one has a drama this year that doesn’t go through a stinging in the crotch. Each one falls in love or hooks up with someone randomly in the first episode just because and from there forward. One look down the hall is enough. That Elite has never pretended to be excessively deep, but it did have something to scratch loyalties, social difference, appearances, HIV, diseases…

Another thing that made Elite good in past seasons was that, over and above how bizarre the story could sometimes be, the characters were based on reality and there was a background that, although not always told, was worked.

Although we see Omar and Ander how the latter’s illness has made them mature, on the other hand we have Rebeka getting angry with Samuel or a Cayetana who doesn’t even remember her dead ex-boyfriend for a second before jumping into the arms of the next rich man. And the worst, it gives the feeling that their movements have been chosen with a template of those tweeter memes in which you complete a meaningless phrase based on the initial of your name, your horoscope and the battery percentage of your mobile.

Everything pretends to be scandalous and successful, but it ends up boring us and making us roll our eyes at the new scene of asses and grotesquely justified smooches. If we only wanted the pig moment, for that there is a lot of porn on the internet. Sign up for free and receive the best series content every day in your email.

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