Weather Girl Swimsuit

Yanet García Shows More With A Transparent Swimsuit

Dressed in a black swimsuit, the television presenter her shapely figure.

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Not only through the screen giving the weather on Televicentro Honduras, Daniela Servellón, surprises with her tiny swimsuit.

The so-called "Weather Girl" showed off her sensual attributes in a tight swimsuit facing the sea. Yanet García promoted an application.

Mexico City.- Yanet Garcia, "the weather girl", shared a video in her account in which she announces a surprise in a bikini.


Sol Pérez, the weather girl in Argentina; keeps half the planet at a temperature of 40 degrees; and the other part delirious.

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Something you have achieved based on discipline. Just a few weeks ago, she shared a photograph of how her figure has transformed over time and, in the process, encouraged her fans not to stop exercising to achieve the changes they want.

If possible. My whole body is natural, I only had surgery on my bust. The best advice I can give you is to be patient and disciplined. Great results take time, but I promise you that it is possible to reach your goal. Hard work pays off». On several occasions Yanet has been questioned about her appearance. Some attribute her figure to cosmetic surgeries, but she has assured on several occasions that only her bust increased and that her butt is the product of exercise.

It took me eight years. García was already a familiar face in his native Nuevo León, in the north of Mexico, thanks to his participation in local television offering the weather forecast. He currently appears in the morning program Hoy, on Televisa, where he also offers the weather forecast and has a special song to present his section.

On Twitter they have asked her to stop showing her curves, because there is even a kind of mockery in which she is referred to, pointing out that in any situation she publishes a photograph of her butt.

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