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13 Basic Tips For Taking Photos At The Beach

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one. Make sure your horizon doesn’t twist

How to take photos at , Tips Summer holidays are coming. For this reason, we want to propose a simple challenge. We suggest that you first take a look at all the tips that we are going to give you in this article to take better photos on the beach.

If these tips have helped you, surely you will notice a significant improvement between the photos of this year and those of the past. Be careful not to twist the horizon Keep in mind that the horizon must be straight or deliberately tilted, but not crooked. If, on the other hand, the sky does not add much to the photo, give it only the upper third. Against this there is a good rule: simplicity.

Try to get closer and isolate the objects. Frame the Photo With this I do not mean to apply a frame with Photoshop. If you don’t keep an eye on your position while photographing mostly people on the beach, light metering is likely to play tricks on you. So avoid doing this type of photography if the position of the sun is not suitable, and instead try playing with the silhouettes.

It can be part of the landscape rocks on the shore, algae, shells Portraits on the Beach The beach is a good place to take photos of our friends and loved ones. Try taking photos of these people when they are doing something. You don’t need to focus their attention, just pick up their actions.

Play with the opening of the diaphragm so that the depth of field is not excessive. In this type of photos, both on the shore and in the water, you can remove the horizon from the photo, making the sea occupy the entire photo, without any sky appearing. Elements such as sand, salt, humidity, sun and the friends of foreign things are not good components for photography.

It is likely that someone has already noticed your team and wants to make it theirs. Of course, we must be cautious and not put ourselves in danger. It is one thing to capture scenes of a stormy sea and another to get so close to it that we risk being swept away by a wave.

Play with the Shutter Speed ​​If there is one thing we think of when we talk about the beach it is the waves, and in photography we can record the waves in various ways. Use a Polarizing or Neutral Density Filter There are many filters that can help us improve the result of our photographs. It is not a resource that we always have to use, but we can use it from time to time to vary the results of our photographs. Using black and white, especially on cloudy days, can give our photos an interesting touch, and thus hide the faded tones that the beach can acquire on such a day.

Of course, we recommend that you shoot the photo in color and apply the black and white in editing, so that you can have both versions of the same photo. On the other hand, you may have your own tricks when it comes to taking photos on the beach and they have not appeared on this list. We invite you to leave them for us in the comments and so together we can create a complete article :P.