Werevertumorro’S Girlfriend

yuya?: Werevertumorro Talks About How An Ex-Girlfriend Broke His Heart

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Her name is Fernanda Blaz, she is 26 years old, she likes modeling (in fact she debuted to become the girl E!), measures 1, 67 meters and in addition to.

The youtuber and his girlfriend make a series of statements about their courtship, in which they revealed some problems that almost.

Gabriel Montiel, best known for his YouTube channel Werevertumorro, continues to cause a sensation among his fans on social networks due to photos.

yuya?: Werevertumorro talks about how an ex-girlfriend broke his heart | you online

The influencer’s house in Mérida was chosen since December when Gabriel Montiel and his girlfriend Fernanda Blaz traveled to the city of.

Werevertumorro talks about how his ex broke his heart

She is 31 years old in Personal life: parents, family and education Fernanda Blaz was born on March 22, in Veracruz, Mexico. Currently resides in Mexico City. In November, the rumor began about the breakup of Blaz and Montiel, but they denied it by publishing photos together.

His debut in the world of modeling was with the television network E!. Interesting facts : He parachuted in Cuautla, despite having admitted in one of his videos that he is afraid of heights and they cause him vertigo. As a child she dreamed of being a dancer or a gymnast, because of her elasticity. He also practiced martial arts.

At the end of revealed that, a few months after moving to Mexico City, they wanted to assault her at a fair while she was with one of her friends. The YouTuber assured that there were many people but no one tried to help her.