What Are Akashic Records


What does it mean to have your akashic records read to you? "Akashic" comes from ākāśa (akasha), a term from the ancient Sanskrit language of India and.

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The Akashic Records are a universal memory of existence, and represent a multidimensional space where all the.

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In the religion of theosophy and in the philosophical school called anthroposophy, the akashic records are a compendium of all events, thoughts, words, emotions and intentions.

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In another definition, the akashic records are said to be like a library of vibrational energy that stores the history of one’s own.

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This energy contains information from the past, present and future. This journey can take millennia, although these authors assure that the age of the soul does not matter, since these records contain all the thoughts, feelings, actions and facts of each life. Many people imagine these records as a library in which each book represents a lifetime. Some people think of registries as a computer with all the information stored on the hard drive.

That does not mean that anyone can have access to all the information. So it is important to have a clear mind and soul before entering. Some people claim to get there through astral projection or near death experiences, but these are completely unnecessary. In this case, you need to focus on increasing your vibrational energy. Another access method is visualization.

Imagine there is a beam of light shining from above. It is a pure white light and it begins to lift you off the ground, almost as if you were abducted. As you feel that rising sensation, you begin to feel your body’s connection to that energy.

You may even hear noises or voices. You therefore need to open up to the experience and receive whatever information you can take. If you heard noises, describe them. If you had feelings, explain them. Maybe after several sessions everything makes sense.