What Are Hip Dips

Hips Dips: Having Dimples In Your Hips Is Completely Normal, Love Them

It’s called ‘hip-dip’ and there are no protruding bones anywhere, no gaps, no excessively sunken guts.

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What are hip dips? They are those little holes at the height of the hip that are marked before the leg of some women begins.

Many women have taken care that the ‘hip dips’ are not at all a defect and that it is one more type of shape that can be given to the body.

Hello, I coincidentally found this article on Medium about the "violin hip" or Hip Dip, this cleft that most women have for a.

Hips dips: Having dimples in your hips is completely normal, love them

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Love your hip-dips, they say something very special about your body