What Are Soursop Leaves Used For?

Know The 8 Benefits Of Soursop

That is why new alternatives must be sought for the natural use of these Acetogenins that contain the soursop leaf.

One of the great secrets of herbalists lies in knowing what certain plants, seeds or resins are for and in this case we will tell you.

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Soursop leaves are one of the natural products that provide great benefits to our health, among which are.

Soursop leaves are times stronger at killing cancer cells than chemotherapy! gr bag.

Learn about the 8 benefits of soursop

The best thing about using these leaves is that they do not have the unfavorable side effects that the.


This difference is calculated based on the decrease and degradation observed in cancer cells during a treatment. This prevents blood glucose spikes. In this case it is acetogenin that plays an important role. This benefit has been scientifically proven by a study published by the journal of traditional medicine and food supplements.

The rest underwent another type of treatment. This mixture produces an immediate effect against stomach aches. You have to take it three times a day, after meals. Its extracts are used in the cure of herpes and many other viruses. Likewise, it is perfect in the fight against eczema and other forms of skin redness.

The best thing about using these leaves is that they do not have the unfavorable side effects that most topical steroids have that help improve skin health. An example of this is dampness-related rheumatism. It is not difficult to find older people in our latitudes who suffer from this type of problem and for which they have no solution.

Traditional medicine does not offer solutions in these cases either. Once installed there, the rheumatism disappears as if by magic thanks to a dry and hot climate. Another solution is to take NSAIDs. The sheets can be bought directly in specialized stores or on the internet.

It is a condition characterized by swollen and painful joints, especially the joints of the feet and hands. It is not surprising that this circuit is often inflamed or infected. This is the case of cystitis, for example. If you are prone to this condition, you can take this linden regularly as a preventive measure.

It is the same principle of action as for rheumatism but through an epidermal effect. To also have to be moderate since it can facilitate the appearance of certain diseases such as Parkinson’s. Lucy G. Je suis Lucie, Maman de 2 adorable enfants. Et qui dit grossesse et trentaine passée dit « Attention à sa ligne! Vous allez aimer :.