What Are The Most Jealous Signs?


Position 1: Scorpio. Scorpio tops the list.

The Brazilian astrologer Francisco Seabra explains that the most jealous signs of the zodiac are the impulsive signs of Aries and Scorpio, ruled.

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Position 2: Pisces. Pisces is a.

Position 3: Cancer. Cancer has bouts of.


Position 4: Capricorn.

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These zodiac signs lose their minds when they have a fit of jealousy, are you one of them??

Some are moved when they feel they can betray them, others prefer to turn around before mounting a drama. does not force anyone. He has too many things on his mind and although jealousy can cause him instability, he immediately realizes his worth, values ​​himself and is convinced that jealousy only enters him when he feels insecure. Jealousy can make you paranoid or on the other hand make you drop everything and start over from 0, just.

Better not tempt him. He is possessive, and that normally goes hand in hand with jealousy. A Taurus, do not forget, remember absolutely everything. He sees and senses everything, so the person who wants to be jealous of a Leo should be very careful. It is a fire sign and therefore, it is passionate for everything. He has no patience and he doesn’t miss one, so watch your movements. Love madly and hate madly. His jealousy is legendary and he "smells" the betrayals from a distance. He can go crazy at times and make you feel like the worst shit in the world for good.