What Does Aphrodite Mean

Meaning of Aphrodite

(in ancient Greek, Ἀφροδίτη) is, in Greek mythology, the goddess of beauty, sensuality and love. Her Roman equivalent is Venus.

According to Greek mythology, Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, is the daughter of Zeus -king of all the gods conceived by Cronus and Rhea-, and of.

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what does aphrodite mean? (This word comes from the Greek ‘Αφροδίτη, Venus). Mit. Goddess, the most in Greece of all the Olympian deities. born of.

Meaning of name APHRODITE

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, known as Venus by the Romans. Its name comes from the Greek Ἀφροδίτη ("Aphrodite"). according to etymology.

Recent Concepts:

Also known as Queen Aphrodite, in Greek mythology she is the goddess of beauty, erotic love and sensuality. The goddess occupied a place in the pantheon of the gods of Olympus. Advertisement Advertisement In ancient times, sexual intercourse wasn’t sinful, so the influence of the goddess was quite extensive. His name has various meanings, for example, the word aphrodisiac.

Its name in Roman venere is currently used to refer to venerate or venereal, as something associated with sexuality. Biography of Aphrodite According to legend, Queen Aphrodite was the cause of the Trojan War. Hera and Athena fought for that title and called on Zeus to make a decision, however, Zeus decided to leave this choice to Paris.

After his coronation, the goddess made Helena wish for him, even though she already had a husband, but her attraction to Paris was too much, which caused her to follow him throughout Troy. Due to this infatuation, Helena sided with the Trojans and punished the Greeks under any excuse or pretext. He felt a deep hatred for Aphrodite, so she, in revenge, made her stepmother Phaedra fall completely in love with the young man.

When she tried to give herself to her stepson, he despised her, causing the woman to commit suicide. Her nurse, to raise Phaedra’s honor, wrote a note specifying that Hippolytus had tried to rape her stepmother and left it next to the corpse. In response, his father cried out to Poseidon for revenge and he sent a sea monster to Hippolytus when he was hunting on the high seas.

The young man died dragged by his own horses, seized by fear. Marriage Advertising Advertising The god of lightning, Zeus, decided to marry her to Hephaestus, god of fire, in order to prevent the titans from fighting over her and triggering a war, since the goddess possessed incomparable beauty. This decision pleased Hephaestus, but not Aphrodite, since despite the luxuries and gifts of Hephaestus, several stories are known in which the goddess seeks the company of other men, among which Ares god of war stands out.

Romances Being unhappy in her marriage made her seek love from other men, including Ares, Poseidon, Hermes and Dionysus. Not only was she lovingly linked to the gods, the story goes that she was linked to many human mortals.

He had an affair with the Trojan Anchises, with whom he had a son. In that sense, it is said that he passionately loved Adonis. He exposed them before all the Olympian gods to be mocked. They were not released until Poseidon promised that Ares would pay for the offenses, but it was not true, since Ares and Aphrodite escaped as soon as they were released and did not keep the promise. Lacy, father unknown. Silena Beauregard, whose father was Mr.

Immortals Within the immortal children of the goddess, they include: Aeneas, whose father was the Trojan prince Anchises. Beroe, his father was Adonis. Anteros, son of Ares.

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