What Does Mercury Retrograde Mean?

What Is Mercury Retrograde And What Is Its True Influence On Your Life?

As you well know, this phenomenon happens when.

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This is how the first Mercury retrograde will affect you. It will begin on January 14 over Aquarius, to go back to Capricorn and.

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When Mercury is retrograde, this represents a period of "reversal" in all things related to its symbols and myths, it is a time of.

What is Mercury retrograde and what is its true influence on your life – Very Interesting

Mercury retrograde is known as the moment when this planet, from Earth’s perspective, appears to abruptly change direction and.


But aside from astrological superstition, this celestial phenomenon known to astronomy since ancient times is no reason to stay locked up at home for weeks. Mark Hammergren, astronomer at Chicago’s Adler Planetarium. So when Mercury starts to go backward, it’s not related to job layoffs, it’s just that it starts a change of direction in the sky. During the craze for spiritualism, interest in astrology flourished.

Since then many people believe that the stars affect the Earth in a variety of ways. In the 1980s, horoscopes were a mainstay in the newspapers and Mercury retrograde was a recurring player. Because the Roman god Mercury was said to rule over travel, commerce, financial wealth, and communication, in astrological circles, Mercury the planet joined those matters as well. This apparent reversal in Mercury’s orbit is actually just an illusion to the observer on Earth.

Hammergren, it’s just a trick of perspective. But thanks to astrology, it’s Mercury’s retrograde motion that incites fear. This planet’s reputation for really screwing things up is real, but it’s also due to the fast-paced lifestyle we’re so used to living.