What Goddess Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Which Goddess Corresponds To Your Zodiac Sign And What Is Her Power?

Cancer women are like the goddess Demeter: creative in all aspects of their lives and with a great maternal sense that they know how to combine perfectly.

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Here we tell you which Greek god corresponds to each zodiac sign, and how you can interpret it for your personal growth.

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Just as the Taurus sign, who is sensual and likes comfort, the woman of the sign is also conservative and structured, so she can.

Aries – Artemis The daughter of Zeus and Latona represents the physical and spiritual strength to achieve any goal that is proposed. It is.

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Discover which Greek goddess connects with the energies of your zodiac sign, value and appreciate yourself for who you are, because you are worth it and deserve it.

Each woman of the Zodiac identifies with a mythological goddess

It is energetic, bold and dominant in temperament, but can be docile and friendly at times and aggressive and short-tempered when angry. Goddess of the forests, guardian of the paths and protector of life, like Aries, she has the initial strength for any undertaking, but it is difficult for her to finish what she started with such enthusiasm. The influence of Artemis gives courage to make decisions, but also warns that her own impetuosity and cunning can spoil what she wants to achieve.

Taurus — Aphrodite The Romans knew her as the goddess Venus and she is the goddess of love and fertility. As Taurus, it symbolizes the ability to enjoy earthly pleasures and the finer things in life, as well as the use of seduction and charm to get what you want. He is sensual and likes comfort, like the woman of this sign, also conservative and structured, so he can run the risk of falling into a routine. Gemini — Athena In Roman mythology, she was called Minerva and was the favorite daughter of Zeus.

Her mind is her sword and shine as she is the goddess of intelligence and wisdom. She is the protector of home and temples. It was believed that its presence was necessary for a house to function as a hearth since it is the fire that gives life to homes.

She has a surprising emotional richness and fidelity is a very important value for her. Tenacious and loving, both her home and her heart are the refuge that friends and family always seek. During her husband’s travels it was she who assumed power.

As the Leo woman, she is positive, active, passionate, faithful and sensitive. Could handle traditional male and female responsibilities with equal ability. Like Isis, the Leo woman is vital, outspoken, noble, and creative.

She commands respect and is very proud, but can fall into arrogance and inflexibility. Virgo — Demeter Known to the Romans as Ceres, she protected crops and farmers, teaching them how to sow the fields. As the Virgo woman is human, helpful, discreet and reserved. She was the protective goddess of all married women and represents the soul of women. She is the archetype of the ideal wife, although she was a victim of jealousy and always tried to control her husband Zeus.

For Libra, relationships are essential and are a great incentive in their lives. Scorpio — Persephone Persephone is the goddess who governs the unconscious mind, the world of dreams, paranormal phenomena and mysticism, according to Greek mythology. Kidnapped by Hades, she became the Goddess of the underworld, possessing psychic abilities and powerful intuition. Emotionally deep, radical, sensual and strategic, her behaviors are transformative and her personality intense, magnetic and indomitable.

Persephone represents spring itself, wisdom and self-development, the product of experience and knowledge of the dark side of life. Sagittarius — Freya In Norse mythology, Freya is the goddess of fertility, war, and riches. She is the wife of the god Odin, who is credited with the creation of the Runes, has great prophetic power. In tune with Freya, the Sagittarius woman is benevolent, jovial, outspoken and loyal. His behavior is sociable, idealistic, vital and cheerful.

Therefore, you must beware of your tendency to exaggerate and waste. As the goddess, she seeks the truth, no matter what she must do to find it. Capricorn — Rhea Rhea is the mother of the gods in Greek mythology. Married to Cronos, together they represented time and nature and ruled the universe for a long time. Mentally she is conservative, responsible, shy and cerebral. Tireless, punctual and silent, the self-control, tenacity and perseverance that characterize her are her winning card to achieve what she sets out to do.

Aquarius — Hecate She is the mother of the magicians and who could contemplate the past, present and future. He knew all the secrets and mysteries of the universe and was able to grant wealth, wisdom and victories to men.

Like the Aquarius woman, she has a strong, charming and independent personality that drives her to rebel against everything conventional and restrictive. Emotionally friendly, tolerant and liberal, she is idealistic and innovative, she is the avant-garde of the Zodiac, to the point that she often sets trends.

She has the audacity to do what no one dares to do and she always emerges gracefully from any conflict, thanks to her positivism and sense of humor. Pisces — Kwan Yin She is the goddess of compassion and mercy in Eastern mythology. She is the daughter of the Himalayan mountains, her symbol is the lotus with five petals and she has the ability to hear the cries of the world.

Represents the female Buddha, the eternal protector of women and children. Helps soothe pain and neutralize negative influences. Protects the marginalized, single mothers and illegitimate children and helps to transit and transform one’s karma.

Like the sign of Pisces, it represents eternal innocence and the ability to understand the depth of the soul, exercising the healing of humanity on earth. The challenge for Pisces is not to stray from its eternal goal, just like Kwan Yin, that of relieving pain and giving comfort to those who suffer. Receive your free horoscope and predictions Receive.

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