What Is Chia With Lemon Used For?

Chia Water with Lemon

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Chia and lemon water is a perfect drink to drink on an empty stomach, since the lemon will help you detoxify the body throughout the night and the chia will.

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Drinking this drink regularly helps reduce toxins in the blood, as chia and lemon together contain purifying properties.

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Chia seeds are rich in protein and lemon is a natural source of antioxidants and vitamin C. Together they act as an excellent remedy for getting.

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The benefits of consuming chia water with lemon every day

Go to recipe This chia water with lemon is refreshing and perfect to quench thirst. It was a ritual that we did at least three times a week and to this day, every time I pass in front of a popsicle shop or an ice cream parlor, I remember it. The seeds of this plant, also called chia, were used in ancient times by Aztec warriors as a great source of energy. In modern days, chia in Mexico is used to prepare dishes and drinks, such as the traditional Pinole or chia water for which I bring you the recipe.

Benefits of chia It is one of the foods with a high content of Omega 3. Therefore, its benefits are countless for our vital organs and cells. Due to its high fiber content, it gives us a constant feeling of satiety and helps control cravings. Therefore, they are perfect for losing weight.

It is purifying and antioxidant. It helps us eliminate toxins and regulate our intestinal flora. Contains potassium, fiber and protein. Definitely a super-food that we should all know. Chia water with lemon recipe Slice half a yellow lemon and a lemon lime reserve. In a jug put the water at room temperature. Add the juice of the rest of the lemons and sweeten to taste. Add the chia to rain while mixing with a ladle.

Join the lemon slices and if desired some mint leaves. Mix well. Put in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 hours. Serve in glasses with crushed ice. Notes Do not add the chia seeds all at once, this can cause them to clump together and stick together. The mint leaves give a freshness, flavor and aroma to this very special chia water with lemon. How to store If you have a little of this fresh water left over, you can put it in the refrigerator and consume it within 3 days.

They can also prepare it the day before, for example if they are going to have a party and want to take advantage of the preparation of drinks.