What Is The Name Of Camilo’S Girlfriend?

8 Facts About The Relationship Between Camilo And Evaluna That You Probably Don’t Know

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The singer Ricardo Montaner was in charge of taking the bride to the altar, reads a Cromos note that summarizes the origin of the.

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Singer, actress and television producer.

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Camilo Echeverry married his girlfriend Evaluna Montener in Miami. The couple said "I do" in a romantic ceremony.

a relationship of three

The two had a partner at the time, but they already began to follow each other on social networks. It was a year later when they began to engage in conversation frequently. A relationship of three Camilo and Evaluna’s is a relationship of three. Both are very religious and have confessed on several occasions that they have God at the center of their relationship, whom they thank every day for everything they have in their lives. The young woman made the decision to become a virgin at marriage, something she spoke openly about in the podcast Doubts are given away, where she confessed that it cost her, but she succeeded.

Her father Ricardo Montaner, a well-known artist in Latin America, spoke about his daughter’s decision on television, expressing that it had been something that had come out of her and that she wanted to fulfill it because of the close relationship she has with God. Camilo was already a well-known singer before Evaluna crossed his path.

However, it is true that his relationship with Ricardo Montaner’s daughter opened many doors and paths for him to become the international artist he is today. The Colombian had been developing his professional career for years, but Evaluna was his source of inspiration to compose. One of those first songs was Medialuna. If Camilo owes his success to Evaluna, it is for having been the muse of his best songs.

The couple does not eat meat but they enjoy the food very much. They are both great cooks and avocado lovers. Evaluna always dreamed of being a mother and they even have names thought for when this happens. None is jealous Many wonder how a relationship that has to deal with fame and distance is as healthy as that of Camilo and Evaluna.

When there is trust there is no reason for jealousy, that’s why none of them are jealous. The mistake that almost ruined a marriage proposal Fortunately the marriage proposal was a success. Narcolepsy, the disorder that Camilo suffers A few weeks ago the couple confessed in an interview those things that they had had to learn to accept from each other for a healthy coexistence. Evaluna thus confessed that the artist suffers from narcolepsy, a disorder that makes him fall asleep easily, sometimes in unusual places.

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