What Is The Praimer For?

These Are The 6 Reasons Why You Should Use Primer Every Day

SKIN CARE – The first or.

A praimer or first makeup is actually a primer, a product necessary to condition the skin so that it is prepared when it comes to.

A praimer or first makeup is actually a primer, a product necessary to condition the skin and to be prepared when applying the.

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How is it used and what is it for?. The primer is a product that is often left out of beauty routines.

What is the primer for, how is it used and how much does it cost?

Have you heard about the first or praimer? Perhaps the word sounds more familiar to you: primer. The importance of using primer in makeup.

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What is it and what is the primer for??

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on WhatsApp This makeup product reduces blemishes, hides blemishes and minimizes pores. Today we are going to tell you what the first one is for, yes, that little tube that the pros of make up talk about in their videos. I am one of those people who loves to watch makeup tutorials, hairstyles, home DIY, painting, wow, even origami.

To be honest, women spend a lot of money on makeup. And if you don’t believe me, it’s enough to know the data from a Nielsen study, where it is ensured that Mexican women spend 12 of each pesos on personal care products. What better than knowing what we invest our salary in and taking advantage of makeup as it should be.

After a good wash with or without exfoliation, moisturizing with a cream and a toner, what we have to do is apply the first. This makeup product prepares the face, like a canvas, as it allows the skin to be conditioned for later use.

The primer smoothes and evens out the skin’s surface so that pores and wrinkles are greatly diminished. Primer corrector It also works as a corrector and is sold in three types of shades of green, red and yellow to hide scars or blemishes.

If you have doubts about how to use the primer, don’t miss the following video: Advantages of using the primer Multifunctional It can work as a moisturizer, an eye contour cream or even a sunscreen. In Vogue they highlight the importance of choosing a makeup base compatible with the primer, that is, never mixing water-based products with oil-based ones. Even when you don’t want to wear makeup, you can just add a layer of primer to mattify your face.

One of the main functions of the primer is to match the tone of your skin. Replaces the illuminator When it comes to savings, it not only replaces the eye contour and serves as a moisturizer, it can also give you a luminous texture. Prime prices Beauty costs, my daughters, I know, you know, we know.

The Benefit brand has a first in pesos, while MAC sells it in pesos. Don’t waste your tube. It is very important to moisturize your face before applying it so that there are no dry areas. Once you try it, tell us in the comments how it went for you. Follow me on my social networks and write me what other topics you would like to read:.