What Is The Weakest Sign

What Are The Weak Points Of Each Zodiac Sign?

Aquarium. Aquarians are of the.

And among many of these traits, we find the temperament which is presented with less or greater intensity in some horoscopes than in others. Yes.

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Aquarius is one of the weakest signs of the zodiac, its element is air and although it is one of the most emotionally stable. They are very weak to.

What are the weak points of each zodiac sign? – esotericism

Are you part of the group of powerful or weak zodiac signs?? which can allow you to endure much more frustration.

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You can read it by clicking on the links at the end. Aries are very ambitious and fear not living up to their expectations. They are good students and good workers, they strive all their lives to be perfect.

Otherwise they cannot live in peace. They whip. They are so heavy that they are afraid of tiring people out and that they will send them away because of how heavy they get, because they know that they stop reasoning and become obsessed with things without paying attention to reason.

They lose the north, as they say. They are also afraid of changes and leaving home, because they feel insecure in the face of the unknown. They have a hard time launching. They are usually people of customs, from home and very stable. On the other hand, they are slow to want to take responsibility for serious and important things, but at the same time that characteristic makes them have an atrocious fear of being alone in life.

It is an internal struggle that they usually have. This leads them to be overprotective with their family. You always think something bad is going to happen to them. Jealousy and their insecurities make them possessive, distrustful and absorbing with their partner, which can make their romantic relationships fail.

No changes in their life create insecurity. They have to think about everything a lot. His lack of patience can be taken for self-centeredness and lack of tolerance, when it is not. This is coupled with how impulsive he is, making decisions that are too hasty and throwing himself into everything without having properly reflected. This characteristic makes him seem self-centered, when in reality what he is is efficient. His fear of diseases makes him obsessive about healthy food, sports and aseptic.

He leads a lifestyle, which takes him far away from the mundane, social and fun life, making him seem strange and anti-social. LIBRA The weak points of the Libra are their insecurity when making decisions, misunderstood Justice and the fear of confrontations. By nature, a Libra needs to analyze a subject well before making a decision.

On the other hand, they are capable of missing something important or appearing frivolous, before arguing or fighting with someone. They consider it in bad taste, lack of education and that person ceases to interest them for the rest of their lives. They hide their emotions and study how to manipulate the situation, so that the subject or the person does not escape their charms.

They just want positivity and optimism around them. They hate the negative and manipulative. They do not allow anyone to restrict them and take away their freedom by setting limits. They always read and study new things, because they hate ignorant people and are afraid of missing something. All their lives they try to have the best training to earn a good living and have a super comfortable life. They are afraid of losing their job and not having money.

Their excess of comfort makes them miss out on a lot of opportunities of all kinds and when they are aware of this, they fear losing their youth and their life without having lived. So, their great fear is not being aware of things, not being able to be innovative and creative. They need to do new things every day, monotony kills them. They are not interested in fights or problems. The problem is that they create their bubble and sometimes they lose track of reality and disconnect from it.

They also love to be loved and give themselves totally, so their great fear is being abandoned.