What’S Wrong With Secretary Kim?

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?, Season 2 Premiere Date on Netflix Spain

Series Cast · Park Seo-jun. Lee Young-Joon. 16 episodes · Park Min-young. Kim Mi-So · Lee Tae-hwan. Lee Sung-Yeon · Pyo Ye-jin. Kim Ji-A Kim Hye-ok.

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LeeYoung-joon is the vice president of the consortium, who has a perfect appearance and excellent ability. And his personal secretary Kim Mi So is the only.

So when her personal assistant, Kim Miso, tells her that she wants to leave her job, she doesn’t take it well. What’s wrong with the secretary.

Kitsune Manga publisher, which belongs to Kitsune Books, announces the license of ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?’. The famous manhwa, which was adapted to series.

Dorama-neando: Drama Review: What`s wrong with Secretary Kim?

WHAT’S WRONG WITH SECRETARY KIM? 1, YUN, JEONG GYEONG, €14.94. The Korean phenomenon that has fallen in love with readers around the world. Lee Yeongjun is the brother.

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Vice President of Yumyung Group. He is a very intelligent and capable man, but terribly narcissistic. He requires constant assistance from Mi So for almost all of his corporate and sometimes personal activities. He is Young Joon’s older brother. novel writer.

He lives abroad for years due in part to the problems he has with his younger brother. As in other reviews, I loved the secondary characters Mi So staff: Their personalities, their expressions and the romances that develop are great. It was great to see, for example, the support that was within the Mi So team or the eternal patience hahaha that the manager Park had with his secretary who always did something wrong.

From there come several funny situations between the two inside the office mainly. Mi So’s faces when something did not go well or she was jealous: I had fun with her expressions when for example Young Joon when trying to kiss her, pushes her on the chair or when she meets his friend and notices that she knew a lot about Young Joon than she could have imagined and feels jealous.

Manager Park’s secretary is a mess and whenever she does something it results in trouble like when she throws cake on her boss’s clothes or when she changes drinks I really like how Seo Joon handles these scenes, subtly but very sexy. It’s very funny when they get to her and they both start laughing at some of Mi So’s attitudes. The departure of Mi So, Bo Ra and Ji Ah was very entertaining, especially when they break free and begin to treat Young Joon as a co-worker, he comes to look for Mi So and they take away his wallet and watch hahahahahaha Imitation of Mi So and Young Joon’s sexy couch scene by Yoo Sik and his ex-wife is hilarious because it doesn’t turn out as well as the original.

when i saw them in "Because this is my first life" I liked them a lot as a couple despite the attitude of his character at first, I ended up loving them. This leads to a distant relationship between the two and it gets much worse when Sung Yeon notices Mi So and tries to compete with her brother, for her love, because he was supposedly the one "oppa" that she was looking for as a child.

At least I was very sad in this part of the story as Young Joon’s parents handled things in such a bad way and allowed their children to hate each other so much for almost 25 years. Apart from all that, I quite liked it. As in previous reviews, I thoroughly enjoyed the secondary characters and their stories. I rate it 9.5 only because Young Joon’s family drama was heavy for me. Apart from that, it is a great drama, complete, with a lot of romance, endearing characters and funny moments.

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