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Jennie Kim (BLACKPINK)

Thai singer Lisa, a member of the famous K-pop group Blackpink, debuted her first solo song last year.

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Lisa Becomes 3rd BLACKPINK Member To Debut As A Solo Artist. Photo: WKorea/YG composition. Asian Culture LR.

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BLACKPINK debuted on August 8, with the single album Square One containing Whistle and BOOMBAYAH. Since their debut, the songs that.

"How You Like That" BLACKPINK debuts at #5 on Spotify’s Global Chart, with over MILLION streams. While on Spotify US it debuted.

BLACKPINK ♥ Information of the Group and its four Members

All the details of his solo career from the release: date, title and cover. She will become the third member to debut.

Family and beginnings

He started his career in the world of entertainment at an early age. Since then she has achieved great success as a singer and model, even becoming the image of Chanel and the Hera lipstick brand. In , he debuted as a soloist with the single Solo, a song with which he achieved the much-desired All Kill and positioned himself at the top of iTunes.

Family and beginnings He was born into a wealthy family. When he was nine years old, his family moved to New Zealand. There he entered Waikowhai Elementary as an exchange student. Thanks to these years of training he managed to master English. In this Jennie, she talked about her life in New Zealand and her experience speaking in English. Attracted by YG’s mysterious and strong style, Jennie ended up auditioning for the company upon her return to South Korea. In , he auditioned for the company interpreting the theme Take A Bow by Rihanna.

After being sectioned, she signed a contract with the company and began her training process, which lasted around six years. While training for her long-awaited debut, Jennie became known through a series of collaborations with artists from the agency and some practice videos released by the same company. These small appearances led to Jennie having her own fan club before her debut.

It is worth mentioning that Jennie’s debut was postponed due to the emergence of a rumor, in which she was accused of having harassed one of her schoolmates during her stay in New Zealand. After a few years, this rumor lost its validity, since it was proven that it was all a plan to attack the company. While waiting and training for her debut, Jennie attended Chungdam High School.

In , after six years of training, her debut as part of YG’s new K-pop girl group Blackpink was announced. Jennie Kim’s musical career with Blackpink In August , Jennie debuted as a member of Blackpink with Boombayah, a song that is part of the debut single Square One This was released at the same time as the videos for the songs Whislte and Boombayah, which have currently been released. exceeded and millions of views on YouTube, respectively.

The success of the singles was such that Blackpink became the first K-pop girl group to get their first win at a music show 14 days after their debut. A few months after their debut, the group made their first comeback with Square Two, a single that consisted of three songs, including the unreleased tracks, Playing with Fire and Stay, songs that also became trends after its release.

Months before the presentation, Jennie debuted as a soloist with the single Solo, a song she co-wrote and composed with Teddy. In a short time, the single swept South Korean music shows and positioned itself on the iTunes charts of various countries in Asia, America, Europe and Oceania. Following her successful solo debut, Jennie joined the group for the release of Kill This Love, a five-song EP featuring the hit Kill This Love as its title track.

However, the relationship ended a few months later.