When Does Riverdale 5 Come Out On Netflix

The premieres of Netflix for the month of January

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5Friday. Narcos: Mexico. Netflix. Season 6. Big Mouth. Netflix. Season 5. stories not to sleep. Amazon Prime Video. Premiere. Grace. Movistar+.

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Season 5 (Trailer): Riverdale In Riverdale, Betty, Archie, Jughead and Veronica, the new girl, 5. Chapter 5: Heart of Darkness.

The most anticipated Netflix releases coming in January

Season 5 available on January 20 Renewal of the Archie Comics classic with Molly Ringwald (The Five Club) and Luke Perry (Beverly Hills, ).

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By Julieta Aiello Netflix. For , Netflix has decided to start with several main dishes, especially in the field of series. Below is the complete list of premieres for January, all the synopses provided by Netflix: Series January 5 Rebelde: As EWS prepares for a new generation of students, love and friendship blossom while a mysterious society threatens to destroy their musical hopes.

Rasel and Ismet reach an impasse, and the violence in Istanbul escalates. And he crosses paths with Ferry Bouman again. Archive Hired to restore a collection of tapes, an archivist turns a filmmaker’s work and research into the object of a dangerous cult. Playing with Fire: On the shores of paradise, a group of sexy singles have fun and try to stay celibate to earn USD The end of a stage is near.

Wilford, fueled by rage and revenge, remains on the hunt. Jonathan Van Ness Arouses Your Curiosity: A Jonathan Van Ness reality show inspired by his podcast and stand-up tour. In each episode, she tackles a topic of interest to her: hair, skating Coming in from the cold: A mother’s life is turned upside down as she has to choose between risking her family or returning to her past as a Russian bioengineering agent. Based on real events.

Until he begins to suspect that someone very close to him could be a serial killer. At a crossroads, she receives a curious offer from her best friend. But the chemistry between them is undeniable. Based on the book by Robert Harris. Based on a true story. Of those guilty pleasures that make tummy aches worth it. Kids & Family January 1 Power Rangers: Dino Fury – Season 1: Using the prehistoric might of the dinosaurs, a new team of Power Rangers must face off against an army of alien creatures attacking Earth.

The students of the Action Academy unite and fight against the villains All the heroes are summoned to fight against the fearsome forces that threaten to plunge the world into darkness.

When does Riverdale SEASON 5 come out on NETFLIX?